Torg Eternity Living Land GM Screen


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16 Archetypes from the Living Land, plus the Living Land-specific 3-panel GM Screen front and back

New archetypes:

  • The Hockey Enforcer
  • The Renewed Nun
  • The Medicine Walker
  • The Dinosaur Hunter
  • The Royal Mountie
  • The Gang Soldier
  • The Edeinos Brute
  • The Primitive Warrior
  • The Edeinos Outsider
  • The Edeinos Wanderer
  • The Embedded Journalist
  • The Cartel Assassin
  • The Banished Scout
  • The Chosen Human
  • The Dinosaur Whisperer
  • The Blood Witch

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Dimensions 11 x 8.5 x 1 in


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