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Ralf Kurtsiefer and his creative team from the Orkpack label are proud to present this CD, designed especially for Torg Eternity. This audio CD explores the varied cosms and landscapes of the Possibility Wars in musical form.

Explore the dark caves of Aysle, the misty jungles of the Living Land, the heroic action of Core Earth. All of these and more weave together to form the greater backdrop of adventure found across the cosmverse.

Full track list:

  1. Torg Eternity
  2. The Possibility Wars
  3. Delphi Council Briefing
  4. The Critical Moment
  5. Reality Storm
  6. Maelstrom Bridge
  7. The Realm of Aysle
  8. Delving the Land Between
  9. The Lights of the Cyberpapacy
  10. No Hiding Place
  11. Dangers of the Living Land
  12. The Shadow of Takta Ker
  13. Heroes of the Nile Empire
  14. The Streets of Cairo
  15. While Daylight Holds
  16. Eternal Corruption
  17. Kanawa Corporation
  18. Infected Tokyo
  19. The Dukes of Tharkhold
  20. The Blasted Land
  21. Dominant Zones (Bonus Track)

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