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Ralf Kurtsiefer and his creative team from the Orkpack label are proud to present this CD, designed especially for Torg Eternity.

This audio CD explores the varied cosms and landscapes of the Possibility Wars in musical form.

Explore the dark caves of Aysle, the misty jungles of the Living Land, the heroic action of Core Earth. All of these and more weave together to form the greater backdrop of adventure found across the cosmverse.

While this collection was composed especially for Torg Eternity, we encourage you to use it as background music for other stories, or simply listen to it for your own musical enjoyment.

Orkpack: Ralf Kurtsiefer’s creative team, which includes Sönke Kaufmann, Cornelius Pees, Arne Schippmann, and Melanie Kurtsiefer.
Full track list:

  1. The God Box
  2. Jungle Trails and Ruined Roads
  3. Washington Mall Attack
  4. Mission of Mercy
  5. Man Eaters
  6. Helephaz
  7. Thrakmoss and The Whitespears
  8. Ghosts of the Ustannah
  9. Caracara
  10. Standoff
  11. Dino Attack
  12. Lanala
  13. Baruk Kaah and the Redjaws
  14. Goldsun
  15. Chichen Itza
  16. The Wedding of Baruk Kaah
  17. Bonus Track

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