Cyberpapacy Preview #3 – Magic

Cyberpapacy Preview #3 – Magic

Today we’re going to take a look at new options for Storm Knight spellcasters and the history of the centuries long war between the Church and witches.

The Pagan Wars

The Church’s battle against the Pagans began centuries ago after the Church was victorious in the Crusades. However, while the Pagans were essentially wiped out in northern Europe, they held out on the British Isles due to their mastery of magic.

The two sides were at a stalemate, ebbing and flowing with the advancement of technology (for the Church) and spellcraft (for the Pagans). Spiritually they were equals until the Day of Silence and Malraux becoming the High Lord of the cosm.

The Pagans had to evolve, or die. Those who were skilled at witchcraft developed three traditions, the lone wolf cyberwitches who use the Church’s technology against them as well as ally with technological spirits, the white witches who strengthened their alliance with the spirits of nature and the land, and the Children of the Fallen (aka the Foresworn, or warlocks) who believe the ends justify the means and cavort with demons, even intentionally summoning them.


Cyberwitches gain access to a new Perk: Lone Wolf, which enhances their skill tests in Dramatic Skill Resolutions if they attempt a Step alone, but at the cost of reducing the effectiveness of any allies should they choose to assist her.

Here’s a look at one of their new spells:

White Witches

White magic focuses on defense, enhancement and protection, rarely for direct attack, at least against living beings (they make exceptions for technological constructs). This arcane tradition’s sole offensive spell relies on a living being to attack first, and then have their harm reflected back upon them. White witches ally with spirits which have a number of origins: the elements, nature, the human psyche, and more.

White witches also do well when coordinating with others to cast spells, even those who aren’t skilled in a magic skill at all–the entire Storm Knight group can be their coven.

Here’s a look at their spell list:

The Children of the Fallen

The Foresworn are Threats in the Cyberpapacy…the Delphi Council has a policy not to cavort with demon summoners. Here’s a look at the Foresworn, one of the Threats included in the sourcebook.

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Art: Bien Flores and Unique Soparie

Cyberpapacy Preview #2 – Cyberware

Cyberpapacy Preview #2 – Cyberware

Surprise! Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition to do another preview this fast! Today we take a look at the epitome of the Cyberpapacy’s technology: cyberware!

Please remember that editing and playtesting may result in changes to any previews.

Hacked Cyberware

Due to the Law of Sanction, natives of the Cyberpapacy may install as much cyberware as desired and not have any negative impacts.  At least, not to their body. They must accept that the Church may monitor their surroundings: see through their cybereyes, hear through their cyberears, and even have their cyberware taken over through the GodNet.

Although sanctioned cyberware is essentially available “without cost” from the Church, but the Delphi Council strictly forbids its agents to install such cyberware (or remove it ASAP should it be installed against their will). Those who wish to use cyberware and fight the Church must get it hacked by skilled cyberleggers.  The purchase of such hacked cyberware is through Perks. We clarify in the text that a player doesn’t have to spend their entire allotment immediately and can use the remainder to acquire expensive cyberware with the next Perk.

Although Storm Knights from the Cyberpapacy have been able to spend Perks on Cyberware, now non-natives can too:

Cyberware Choices

Pretty much all of the cyberware that was listed in the Original Torg Cyberpapacy Sourcebook is detailed in the new version, but we have some additions as well, including cyberarm upgrades (such as a power fist), drone controllers, and hardlight drones (which act in a similar fashion as animal companions in other realms:

Cyberware Packages

Another new addition to Torg Eternity is the concept of cyberware packages. These packages can be purchased outright, or piecemeal, and one a package has been acquired, grants the abilities (or an approximation of those abilities) that the individual installs provide, plus a bonus (or at a discount). 

Cyberware packages also make the GM’s job easier by not requiring looking up every little bonus or detail from each install, and it simplifies the creation of nonplayer characters and other Threats too. Packages currently include: SnapShot, Combat, Cyborg, Infiltration, Sensory, and Drone Jockey. Here’s an example of the Cyborg Package:

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Art: Talon Dunning

Cyberpapacy Preview #1 – One Year Later…

Cyberpapacy Preview #1 – One Year Later…


It’s time to begin previewing the next Kickstarter for Torg Eternity, the Cyberpapacy!  As usual, please remember that much of what will be previewed is still in development and the final result may differ. So without further ado…

The State of the Possibility Wars on D+365

The Torg Eternity core book describes the world as it stands at the end of the third month of the war. Each of the cosm sourcebooks will detail what happens over the following nine months. The High Lords have been busy, but the Delphi Council is trying to push back.

With the Cyberpapacy, Earth is losing, and it’s not really even a contest.

The Cyberpapacy is an experiment in what it’d be like if a theocratic autocracy also had advanced technology, a mashup of the Spanish Inquisition and Neuromancer. It’s a reality of miracles melded with technology that reigns supreme. A realm where your piety is recorded and monitored. Where people’s needs are entirely met, as long as you don’t need freedom.

While in Original Torg the Cyberpapacy was very slow in growing, that isn’t the case in Torg Eternity (and there’s a reason I won’t go into just yet). But in addition to quickly taking over France, Spain, and Portugal, the Cyberpope Malraux expanded his realm into South America, taking over most of the population of Brazil, as well as recently invading Uruguay and taking Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Cyberpapacy’s Axioms

Out of the invading cosms, the Cyberpapacy has the highest technology. In addition to the GodNet, a virtual reality that you literally upload your soul to, cyberware is ubiquitous, and holograms and limited force field technology allow artificial intelligences to extend into the Flesh.  Jacking out doesn’t mean you’ve escaped.

The Cyberpapacy’s Spirit Axioms is also moderately high, and the evidence of higher being is evident. Although perhaps not to the same power as Aysle, the Nile, or especially the Living Land, the spiritual power expressed by the Church is not insignificant, and has a definite technological flavor.

The realm also has a moderate Magic Axiom, enough to support permanent magic items and conjuration (although the primary source of magic items is Aysle). However, the Magic Axiom remains high enough to support the enemies of the Church. From the shadows of the sprawls and the woods of the Wilds come the witches. The cyberwitches were introduced in the Torg Eternity corebook, but they’re joined now with their sister Pagans, the white witches who ally with spirits of the land to take the fight directly to technology.

Finally, the Cyberpapacy’s Social Axiom is moderately high…high enough to support the central planning of economy, which allows the Church to control and dictate production of goods, weapons, and cyberware by the Guilds–monoastic orders that often produce one type of product. However, that’s about the extent of their advancement socially…in other aspects the Cyberpapacy acts as if it’s stuck in a medieval mindset.

Cyberpapacy World Laws

The Cyberpapacy’s Law of the One True Way, the Law of Heretical Magic, and the Law of Suspicion are in the Torg Eternity Corebook. However, just like the other realities, the Cyberpapacy has some minor World Laws as well.

Law of Stagnation: Although the Cyberpapacy has a relatively high Social Axiom, and a very high Tech Axiom, this minor Law, associated with the Law of the One True Way, means that the denizens of the reality cannot enjoy all the fruits of those axioms.  The scientific method is heresy and technological advancement is only through divine inspiration. The God in the machine isn’t just metaphorical. As well, the Law of Stagnation is the reason that Cyberpapal society feels trapped in the Dark Ages, unable to advance beyond a medieval mindset.

Law of Ordeal: Also associated with the Law of the One True Way, the Law of Ordeal supports the Trials by Ordeal, which determine the guilt or innocence of those accused of crimes. The very reality will aid or hinder the accused in proving their innocence (and this very much is not an innocent-before-proven guilty realm).

Law of Sanction: A common trope in cyberpunk is the idea that cyberware can be dehumanizing. However, the Law of the One True way encourages the installation and even the proud display of cyberware. This is made possible by the Law of Sanction which removes all possibility of cyberpsychosis…for those who accept their gifts from the Church. 

Coming Soon!

Over the next several weeks we’ll be highlighting different parts of the upcoming products for the Cyberpapacy including the Godnet, cyberware, magic, miracles, and Threats!

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If you have any questions, head on over to our forums!

Art by: Bien Flores and Unique Spoarie

Why You Should Play a Cyberwitch from the Cyberpapacy

If you’ve been following along with our Design Notes videos on YouTube, you may have realized that we haven’t done the Cyberpapacy yet. Unfortunately there were some problems with the video itself that will keep us from posting it before the end of the Kickstarter campaign. So in the meantime, here is another Why You Should Play to cover Darrell’s favorite cosm!


Torg Eternity Preview #5 – Aysle and the Cyberpapacy

This week, we head to Europe where the British Isles and Scandinavia suffer under the sway of the magical realm of Aysle, and the Inquisition has returned to France and Spain, this time with nanosecond response time!

Just a note that we’re covering the World Laws very broadly. We go into more detail in the book, and a lot of the flavor comes out through the use of Cosm Cards, which we’ll be previewing soon.