Expanding your Blessed One with Gods of Aventuria

Even if you have been playing a Blessed One since the release of the Core Rules, Gods of Aventuria will have a lot to offer to you. It will give you new liturgies and the option to expand existing ones. Special abilities and new rules concepts will help you round out your blessed one and give them new goals to strive for in their adventures in Aventuria.


Vistas of the Theater Knights

The Dark Eye - LogoIn the Gods of Aventuria crowdfunding, you will be able to get the last three volumes of the six-module campaign about the Theater Knights. The stakes are rising from intrigue and conspiracy to open war. You will take the fight to the enemy and usher open the door to a new era for the Bornland. There are a lot of exciting areas to visit along the way.


Gods of Aventuria – Tradition Preview: Efferd

Efferd is one of the new traditions introduced in Gods of Aventuria, which you can support in the next The Dark Eye Crowdfunding. (more…)

Gods of Aventuria Crowdfunding

In the upcoming crowdfunding campaign for The Dark Eye, it is up to you to bring the Gods of Aventuria to your table, to finish the fight for the fate of the Bornland in the grand finale of the Theater Knights and to unlock numerous new treasures.  (more…)