Tharkold Reward Levels

For those of you who like to plan things before a crowdfunding launch, we want to go over the basics of the Tharkold campaign that is coming up this week, Tuesday June 23rd.

Note that there are a couple of important clarifications here. First of all, we will not be adding new products during the campaign. To avoid confusion, we want to show you everything that will be available. We are also significantly limiting the physical stretch goals to just the items that will eventually become the GM Pack. We want to make sure everyone sees that the bundles are great deals right up front.

by Dimitar Spasov

Tharkold a la Carte – $40

One of the advantages of building a campaign directly in GameOn Tabletop is that we don’t have to create separate reward levels for every possible combination of items you might want.

This reward level starts with a physical and PDF copy of the Tharkold Sourcebook, and then you can select individual add-ons to your heart’s content. Just want the books? No problem! Just want the main book and a couple of accessories? Easy.

Also, every add-on is available from launch, so you can decide right away what you want to get.

Tharkold Digital – $80

This is the big PDF bundle for those who want it all digitally.

This reward level gets you every digital product, including any PDF stretch goals we unlock. This is a total retail value of $115 worth of PDFs, not including any digital-only content.

Note that you can still get physical add-ons with this reward level, but that shipping even a single small item has a minimum base rate.

Tharkoldu Vault – $225

This is everything, and we mean everything. For those of you who have seen past Torg Eternity campaigns, please be aware that we are not doing any add-ons that aren’t automatically in the big box. In addition to everything you’re used to seeing, this includes one each of the new Tharkold acrylic token packs and a fold-up dice tray.

Total retail value is $255 before stretch goals.

Tharkoldu Vault Deluxe – $250

Same as the Vault, but this one replaces the regular hardcover copy of the Sourcebook with a deluxe leatherette edition. Total retail value is $280 before stretch goals.

by Bien Flores Unique Soparie

Tharkold Sourcebook Limited – $115 Add-On

The limited leather edition of the Tharkold Sourcebook may only be purchased as an add-on. It cannot be used to replace the book in your Vault.

Create an Archetype – $250 Add-on

What other heroes will we find in the Blasted Land? What other operatives secretly work against Volkov’s agenda? Who else is out here just surviving…or even thriving?

You tell us!

With this add-on, you gain a unique opportunity to add to the lore of Torg Eternity by creating a custom Tharkold archetype with the designers, including stats, description, progression options, and art. They will then be released as a digital product once all the archetypes are complete.

And because we’re setting this up as an add-on rather than a pledge level, you can get a Tharkoldu Vault AND create your own archetype for $20 cheaper than past custom archetype rewards. There will be 16 slots available for $250 each. They are limited at 1 add-on per backer.

Note on Stretch Goals

We will be talking more about this as we get into the campaign, but many of our stretch goals this time around are going to focus on generating new streaming content for everyone. We know that a pay-up-front campaign often means that people choose not to keep coming back to the page, so instead we’ll come to you!

Keep an eye on our social media and other updates for information on live Q&A sessions, actual plays, and more!

22 thoughts on “Tharkold Reward Levels”

  1. Sir Alain Fisk says:

    So, if I’m reading this correctly, I would have to purchase both the Tharkold a la Carte and Tharkold Digital levels in order to get all the PDFs and a hardcover copy of the sourcebook? There’s no middle level, there?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Sir Alain – The book is available as an add-on by itself, but it is the same price as if you got the a la carte reward level. So you can put everything into one order, get the book, and be all set. You do not have to set up two separate orders.

      I’m not sure what other “middle level” you might want that is not covered by the a la Carte, unless you only want some of the PDFs. If that’s the case, then you would just have to wait a few weeks after backers get them and you can pick them up on DriveThru.

  2. Randilin says:

    I really wish you had left some things as add ons rather then forcing us to get them this time around. I have no desire for a cosmo themed dice tray. I never use them and it feels like a real waste

  3. Alex Bok says:

    I wish you had a somewhat less expensive Vault option without acrylic tokens and a fold up dice tray. I have zero interest in cosmetic only items. Unless it will not include cardboard punch out tokens, then I guess it is OK, but I still wish you kept the price at $200. Will Vault also include PDF’s? It was not quite clear. Also is Vault a really appropriate name for a Tharkold collection? Maybe some appropriate Russian word. Like Kazna (treasury) is my preference, or Krepost (fortress/stronghold).

    1. Eric Simon says:

      I do understand that. You can certainly get only the items you want through a la Carte, but of course you probably want the box itself as well. 🙂 This adjustment has been part of the ongoing learning process of just how much of a headache it is to open boxes and put additional accessories into them. We’re trying to optimize the packing process to keep shipping down as much as we reasonably can.

      For the name, you’ll have to ask Greg about that.

      1. Sir Alain Fisk says:

        Then, I’m sorry, Eric, but y’all haven’t learned anything. I’m not trying to be mean, but you guys have been regressing, rather than progressing, on how these crowd funding things work, since the end of the Nile Empire KS. You need to go back to the way things were done, then, including on Kickstarter rather than Game On Tabletop. I have to perfectly honest with you, it’s like you guys hate money or something; you keep doing things that lose customers between crowd funding campaigns.

        I had a serious debate with myself about funding Aysle, I pulled the trigger on Cyberpapacy at the last minute because I had enough disposable cash to do it, but I seriously think I’m stopping at Tharkold. I mean, is Ulisses Spiele having a serious change of heart about Torg Eternity that they WANT to get rid of the game-line in favor of their new jewels? I just got done seeing this with The One Ring, for heaven’s sake. The best way to shuck a game-line is to shove new games in Player’s faces, followed by changing price structures, stretch goals, and other unwelcome and unnecessary -from a lot of points of view- changes.

        Look, I’m just an ignorant American, I don’t know anything about running a game business -though I suspect it’s a lot like other businesses, in which case I have a few clues-, but I know how to determine what I want… with my wallet. I LOVE Torg and I LOVE what I’ve seen from Eternity, but I don’t have a lot of disposable cash, only what I get as a Veteran at the end of each month, which isn’t nearly as much as I would like it to be. When you guys jack prices and change locations like this, I become increasingly leery of putting my money with US and Torg.

        This makes THREE European-made game crowdfundings I will have been forced to abandon; one because it shut down as a result of extraordinarily bad management (Dark Conspiracy), one because it picked up so many other preferable lines that it dropped my favorite like a hot rock (The One Ring), and potentially one because of too many changes that are sketchy, at best, and unwelcome.

        I still don’t have my Cyberpapacy book or physical cards I purchased, but I’ve come to understand the reasoning behind how it works and why it’s so expensive. Now, with the changes, I don’t think I can afford to support my favorite game in the world, anymore, with money or time. So very sad.

  4. PK Levine says:

    What about a pledge level to create a backer archetype?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      PK – Still waiting on final confirmation on how we’re handling that. I can promise you that I will either announce it tomorrow so that you can prepare, or I will hold it for a little later into the campaign so that everyone has a chance to react.

  5. JP says:

    Bit worried about this one. You’ve ramped up the prices again, you’ve taken away the useful stretch goals and replaced them with streamed rubbish, and we’re still stuck with a pledge manager which you can’t change your level. Unless everything that was unlocked in previous campaigns is available straight off, I think (for me) this might be one to wait for retail… How the mighty have fallen…

  6. PatrickSK says:

    $ 120,- instead of $ 50,- for the Sourcebook + all PDFs!? You must be kidding.

    Also, for us german TORG fans the campaigns for the german versions of the Living Land and the Nile Empire start just a day later.

    Not a nice move during Corona, when a lot of people are having financial troubles.

  7. Peter says:

    That’s a _huge_ jump in costs for the digital only tier. This may be the first Torg Eternity campaign I pretty much just skip with that cost. 🙁

  8. Dirk Bock says:

    So what I did in the previous campaigns (reward level hardcover book plus all the digital stuff) would now be Tharkhold Digital plus the hardcover of the book? This means some 120$ instead of 50$? Not really enthused.

  9. Sad Panda says:

    Having picked up the PDFs and physical sourcebook in every previous TorgE crowdfunding, I’m shocked and disappointed by this campaign’s increased prices and new tier structure.
    I’m sure I’m not the only Torg fan whose income’s been hit by Covid which makes me wonder whether this move is somewhat shortsighted?

  10. Ian Mulcahy says:

    That is a massive price hike from previous cosm campaigns. Tharkold is a great cosm and all, but I (like alot of other people) have lost my job because of the whole COVID-19 mess. You’ve more than doubled the cost that most people go in on– sourcebook and all pdf’s. I’m not sure I can afford this one– you might want to rethink those costs levels.

  11. Mike Potvin says:

    I’m not terribly thrilled with this habit of starting the next cosm crowdfunding before the previous one has been delivered, especially given the lack of any update on Cyberpapacy delivery since 4/30 when we were told it would ship by the end of May. Given that this platform requires payment at the time of pledge, I will have a difficult time justifying backing again before I get some positive news on the last campaign.

  12. Mike Potvin says:

    Also, are the map packs and PDFs included in the vault?

    1. John Christopher says:

      Yep the map packs are included in the vault. Other than the upgraded sourcebooks , everything is in the box from the start this time.

  13. Jerry says:

    While I understand the previous $50 level with the book and all the digital content was under-priced for the amount of work required, I think a 140% increase for the same amount of content is too far of a swing.

  14. MicaG says:

    Pre covid, digital content was a nice perk but not a biggy. Having moved entirely onto VTT, the value of digital to me has become paramount to the point the physical stuff is now superfluous.

  15. Dave McWhorter says:

    I’ve been fully supportive of this since the start, as I was a Classic Edition player. But the new structure for this is very bad. Personally, I liked getting the hard copy of the Worldbook, Drama Deck, and perhaps one or two of the adventures, and PDF copies of everything else. The pricing tiers were a huge jump from the Cyberpapacy (and I agree with the fact why start another when we don’t even have our physical stuff from CP yet). The costs of the crowdfunding has gone up a little, which I was okay with, but this is not feasible economically speaking because of the situation players like us are in. What the PDFs we’re getting? We don’t know if they’re even worth the cost? Another CD, some maps, stand-ups? I hope you rethink the pledge levels and change this, or many of us will not be supporting it.

  16. Alec Holland says:

    Wow. So things really have changed it seemed from the last crowd launch, and not for the better. So now I have to pay $80 for all the PDFs, and then pay for the physical copy of the book, and have it shipped. You’ve basically DOUBLED the cost of things. If you keep to this pay plan, you’ve lost my support and business. This is paramount to gouging.

  17. DoctorMobius says:

    Other than the name, I like the Vault pledge. I like getting a physical copy of everything, and this way I don’t have to go through the descriptions and see what is and what isn’t included in the box.

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