Torg Eternity Preview #5 – Aysle and the Cyberpapacy

This week, we head to Europe where the British Isles and Scandinavia suffer under the sway of the magical realm of Aysle, and the Inquisition has returned to France and Spain, this time with nanosecond response time!

Just a note that we’re covering the World Laws very broadly. We go into more detail in the book, and a lot of the flavor comes out through the use of Cosm Cards, which we’ll be previewing soon.

Aysle (Magic 24, Social 16, Spirit 18, Tech 14)

Aysle offers questing adventure to excite fans of Lord of the Rings, political intrigue to engage fans of Game of Thrones, and an epic battle of good and evil to inspire fans of Once Upon a Time. It also embraces wholeheartedly the roots of fantasy roleplaying.

The cosm teems with magic. It’s everywhere. Those even slightly skilled in magic can use “improvised magic” to perform all sorts of tasks, while the greatest spellcasters can even transform the landscape. Faith is strong here too, though not to the degree seen in the Living Land.

It’s also a world filled with darkness, illuminated by points of light. The forces of darkness are led by Angar Uthorion, former lieutenant of the Gaunt Man, whose forces nearly wiped out the dwarves and elves. The forces of light are led by the paladin Tolwyn, and Lady Pella Ardinay, who had been possessed by Uthorion over most of the last century.

Unlike the rest of the invading realms, Aysle did not invade from above, but below. The Underground of Earth is teeming with caverns, dungeons, and other dark places which have merged with Aysle’s Land Between. Treasures abound in the darkness, protected by fearsome monsters and deadly traps.

World Laws

Aysle’s World Laws highlight the incredibly magical nature of the cosm, as well as the quests, traps, and monsters that dwell within it.

  • Law of Magic: Magic is strongly entwined with life in Aysle. Skilled spellcasters can push themselves to the limit, accepting additional Backlash in order to increase the power of their spells. Magic can be fickle or favorable as the Cosm Cards Mana Surge and Fickle Magic will show.
  • Law of Light and Darkness: Honor and depravity are palpable forces in Aysle. They are reflected by Cosm Cards that run the gamut between courtly treachery and romance, and duels between champions. Light Perks are supported by this World Law.
  • Law of Enchantment: Magic is so ingrained in the world that items can become spontaneously magical, usually when an incredible feat is performed nearby, worthy of stories across the ages.

Cyberpapacy (Magic 14, Social 18, Spirit 16, Tech 26)

Just like in Original Torg, the Cyberpapacy is the (currently) most advanced cosm technologically, filled with cyberware, laser weapons, and hovertanks. The dominant religion is a perverted abomination of Catholicism, infused with medieval beliefs and totalitarian control. It’s a world where technology is infused with magic and faith as well, where cyberwitches and cyberwarlocks fight against the forces of the Cyberpope.

Unlike in Original Torg though, the Cyberpope has been using this high technology for years, and understands its use well, not only to aid his Church Police, but also to monitor and suppress resistors. The GodNet has arrived as well, and the intelligence at its heart monitors and acts on the lower tech networks in Core Earth and Pan-Pacifica.

Cyberware in the Cyberpapacy is sleek and fashionable but is directly connected to the pervasive GodNet. Those who don’t want to be tracked by the GodNet either use Perks to purchase cyberware, or go to chopshops, which have their own sort of risks involved.

World Laws

The World Laws of the Cyberpapacy reflect the oppressive nature of the religion and society found within its borders. Cosm Cards can induce cyberpsychosis, or force mandatory ‘upgrades’ on people’s technology.

  • Law of the One True Way: The Cyberpope’s dogma enhances the miracles of his followers, while inhibiting those of all other faiths (but it’s a simple modifier, unlike in Original Torg).
  • Law of Heretical Magic: Being a spellcaster in the Cyberpapacy is harsh. A Mishap occurs on a 1-4 when casting spells. You’ll see why in a soon-to-come preview how that’s a problem.
  • Law of Suspicion: ​Cosm cards can result in the heroes being reported to the authorities, or having their faces plastered across the screens of the GodNet realmwide.

Do You Want to Know More?

If you’d like some more details on what we previewed here, head on over to our forums. But beware, the GodNet is watching.

18 thoughts on “Torg Eternity Preview #5 – Aysle and the Cyberpapacy”

  1. John Wilson says:

    I am very glad Aysle is being taken seriously.
    Anything would be better than that train wreck in OTorg.
    I loved the Cyberpapacy in OTorg, and I am sure I’ll lover it in Torg Eternity.
    Keep them updates coming!

  2. The Mark says:

    I know where I have to an adventure the islands in the English channel are basically going to be shadowrun / 40K in the space of 9 miles. all the magic and all the tech and all the messed up downsides of both.

    from a gm point of view glee..

    1. John Wilson says:

      Agreed! I love the juxtaposition of Magic and Tech!
      I cannot wait for the kickstarter…

  3. Robert Maxwell says:

    One of my favorite aspects of the Cyberpapacy was that it was new. The original story about why it happened also revealed a great deal about the High Lords, Darkness Devices and Storm Knights. In my own game, it was interesting when the players actually went to the other side of the Bridge and saw a world undergoing the culture shock of massive technological advance. I can understand the desire to alter the Cyberpapcy, but I feel it may take a dynamic element away from this realm.

    Aysles was always fun, and I’m looking forward to what you do with it.

  4. Zack Zenobi says:

    I was looking at Pan- Pacifica and you added Psionics and Biotechnology. I got scared because those were both staples of The Space God’s realm. Odd name and yes it needed a rewrite, but it was still one of my favorite realities. I especially loved that the Elves originally came from there. I was worried you did away with the reality all together. But looking at the Cyberpope cycle, you say that “Currently” has the highest Tech level. I quote Dumb and Dumber and ask ” So you’re sayin there’s a chance” ?

    Will we still have The Space God’s?

    1. Dean says:

      @Zack Hi Zack! I can’t make any comments specifically regarding the Space Gods. The most I can say in general is that there is a lot of material in the Torg story and those things that are popular with people have a good chance of showing up in some manner, but not necessarily in the way that people may expect.

  5. Zack Zenobi says:

    It sounds like you do have something planned. 😉

    Which only makes sense, Star Wars Force Awakens made around 2 Billion dollars. The Space Gods was Torg’s answer to Space Opera. But if you take out the Zombies and put them in Pan-Pacifica, you will have to find another way to give the Space Gods distinction. Granted I am not a huge fan of survival horror, as I think that mindless zombies lack motivation and therefore bore me to tears on screen. But the Comaghaz, as a group mind zombie virus was a very interesting idea and definitely made Space Gods unique.

  6. Zack Zenobi says:

    As for Aysle, I am really looking forward to the political intrigue influence of the GoT! That was something I wanted in 1990, but nobody listened to me until GRRM. It already makes me want to play a prince of one of the major Houses.

    But the real problem Aysle always had, was that the sourcebook, spent so many pages detailing the spell creation system, monsters, and miracles; there was not enough space to give Aysle enough character so it always felt like Vanilla fantasy. Please allow enough room in the Sourcebook to give us enough NPC’s, history, and magical fantasy geography to allow Aysle to feel like a unique living breathing place.

  7. Zack Zenobi says:

    Why the change from Honor and Corruption to Light and Darkness? Is it more than semantics?

  8. Zack Zenobi says:

    I am i right on assuming that the success of the Matrix movies will have an impact on the Godnet?

  9. Dean says:

    @Zack. Re: Space Gods.

    The name change for Honor and Corruption was to distinguish it from Corruption in Orrorsh. Plus with stuff like Once Upon a Time being popular, Light vs. Dark made more sense.

    Re: The Matrix. Not just the Matrix, but just having lived with the Internet for 25+ years.

  10. Zack Zenobi says:

    Is Once Upon a Time a popular show? I’ve never seen it. Would watching a few episodes help me understand your new take on Ansley? I think it’s on Netflix.

    1. Dean says:

      Can’t really give much more detail than I’ve already given. As for Once Upon a Time, it might give you a feel.

  11. Zack Zenobi says:

    Can you give us any hints on the plans to make Asyle less plain vanilla fantasy?

  12. Dean says:

    Also, if I could recommend, it’s a lot easier to do discussions on the forums. Plus others can get involved. 🙂

  13. Zack Zenobi says:

    In original Torg the Internet game reason the Cyberpapacy started w such a small realm was due to the amount of energy the tech surge took. With no Tech surge this time, why does the Cyberpapacy have such a small realm compared to everyone else? Except for Tharkold, who had their bridge nuked.

  14. Zack Zenobi says:

    Ok i will transfer my questions later. But it was nice getting answers without others hijacking the conversation.

  15. Theodore Wilson says:

    I think Asyle would be a bit more interesting with references from DragonLance particularly the mages and clerics

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