Torg Eternity Preview #8 – Pan-Pacifica and Orrorsh

This week, the final two invading cosms are previewed, both of which have some significant differences from Original Torg: Pan-Pacifica and Orrorsh.

Pan-Pacifica (Magic 4, Social 24, Spirit 8, Tech 24)

Pan-Pacifica is the cosm of intrigue, heists, and science run amok. Formerly known as Nippon Tech, Pan-Pacifica has a wider scope given the rise of China over the last 25 years. It’s still a realm where ancient martial arts combines with technology “slightly ahead of our time.” Like Original Torg, Pan-Pacifica has invaded secretly, but that isn’t to say that people think life is normal here. They know something is happening, but can’t agree on exactly what.

It started with a pandemic that erupted the day the invaders arrived. This plague turns men and women into raving cannibals with incredible speed and strength, so the press labeled them “jiangshi,” or “hopping vampires.” The virus threatened to collapse every nation in the region until the Kanawa Corporation stepped up to help. Kanawa’s corporate security forces and biological engineers have managed to curtail spread of the virus. Kanawa Corporation representatives are now deeply involved with the governments of the region, and while their methods are draconian at best, they are proving effective. As has happened many times in recent history, the populace of the Pan-Pacific nations must choose between freedom and security.

The Delphi Council strongly suspects that an invader has taken over the region, but ‘fake news’ and social media campaigns have blunted effective resistance to Kanawa or the multiple regimes they work with.

On the game side, Pan-Pacifica was a unique challenge to update. In many ways, our technology has actually surpassed that of the original Nippon Tech. The focus is now more on biotech, psionics (arising from mutants), and advanced social and psychological warfare. However, you can still count on there being corporate thugs, yakuza, and ninjas. Lots and lots of ninjas.

World Laws

  • Law of Intrigue: Everyone has a hidden face and backstabbing is expected. Cosm cards such as Feud and Sold Out highlight the conniving nature of the realm’s inhabitants.
  • Law of Tenacity: Despite the fact that intrigue hides in the shadows and megacorporations conspire against each other, at the lowest level, determined individuals can succeed against impossible odds. Hard-boiled reality-rated characters can avoid being KOed by taking a Wound, which instantly removes all their Shock.
  • Law of Vengeance: Little in life is sweeter than revenge, at least in Pan-Pacifica. Cosm cards like Bloodbath and Served Cold reflect this World Law. In addition, a character who enacts revenge has her Destiny card hand size increased by one for the rest of the current Act, and the next.

Orrorsh (Magic 16, Social 18, Spirit 16, Tech 18)

Orrorsh is the reality of Victorian gothic horror, taking inspiration from such works as Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Orrorsh is ruled by the Gaunt Man, the erstwhile leader of the entire invasion. It was he who found our Earth, and it was he who organized the other High Lords in their coordinated attack.

In Original Torg, Orrorsh landed in Indonesia, but in Torg Eternity, it’s in India. In fact, the entire sub-continent as well as Sri Lanka disappeared behind the stelae boundary immediately when the Gaunt Man dropped his maelstrom bridge. The other significant difference is that unlike in Original Torg, where the Gaunt Man was trapped in a maelstrom for two years, the Earth in Torg Eternity gets no respite.

The Victorians, people from the remaining bastion of civilization on a world called Gaea, arrived soon after to offer their assistance to the desperate natives of Earth. This assistance is not entirely welcome, as India remembers the last time “British” forces were in India. Still, the priests of the Sacellum accompanied the Victorian soldiers. Their version of Christianity is harsh, filled with “fire and brimstone” but their powerful miracles has meant that the hundreds of millions of people in India will not starve.

It’s said that in Original Torg Orrorsh was “where Storm Knights go to die.” Orrorsh is still deadly and dangerous, but we’ve given heroes a few more tools to fight the forces of darkness with. New Occult Perks such as Medals (spiritual items awarded by the Victorians to those who do heroic deeds), Alchemy (potions useable against multiple types of foes, including horrors), and Bulletsmith (custom ammo for “Slayers Guns”) give Storm Knights unique ways to fight the High Lords.

World Laws

  • Law of Eternal Corruption: The horrors that plague the people of Orrorsh are powered by this World Law, but even heroes may hear the siren call of power or even eternal life. Some Perks, abilities, and situations can give very significant bonuses at the cost of a Corruption test. But fail and an individual’s soul becomes corrupted, reducing her Charisma. If it falls too low, she may become a minion of the Gaunt Man!
  • Law of Fear: Fear isn’t just an emotion in Orrorsh, it’s written into the fabric of reality. This Law manifests through Cosm cards such as Jump Scare or Ominous Portents.
  • Law of Perseverance: This World Law powers the heroic Perks previously discussed. To counter, however, Storm Knights may only soak Wounds after making a successful reality test!

Do You Want to Know More?

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8 thoughts on “Torg Eternity Preview #8 – Pan-Pacifica and Orrorsh”

  1. Robert Maxwell says:

    I like the changes for these two realms. I always thought Orrorsh was not placed well, and that India is a great place for the Gaunt Man and the Victorian era setting. I’m interested to see more about what you are going to do with Orrorsh.

    I’m also glad that you have expanded the former Nippon Tech into a larger group that includes China. Pan-Pacifica looks like a great addition to the game.

  2. Zack Zenobi says:

    Is the Guant Man still using Ravagons? Will they still have Possibility Sense and Rip?

    1. Dean says:

      We’ll be previewing creatures and foes shortly.

  3. Zack Zenobi says:

    Are Chi style Wuxia Martial Arts still possible? I’m picturing Monks in Bio-hazard suits fighting Wold War Z style zombies and loving it.

    1. Dean says:

      Right now just as flavor rather than specific mechanics. A lot of ‘martial arts’ are dealt with through Prowess Perks. Any specifics to particular martial arts forms will have to wait for the cosm sourcebook.

  4. Zack Zenobi says:

    Will the law of intrigue have any sort of game mechanic to limit the use of telepathy? Because corporate Intrigue / spy stories become fairly easy when characters can just read other characters Minds. Original torg didn’t have this problem as psionics warrant available in Nippon Tech.

  5. Will Arnold says:

    Definitely would like to have anime as an option for Pan-Pacifica.

  6. Theodore Wilson says:

    Zack I think that would cancel by the corporates of Pan-Pacifica probably high Mind attributes defending those secrets also you’d have to dig deep in someone’s mind to find the more serious criminal schemes and activities probably going to have a high DN not to mention you probably have around or even touching the CEO’s of Pan-Pacifica without hurting yourself unless you have off the charts psionics to affect them without causing to much damage to yourself

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