Ulisses North America at Gen Con 2018

It’s almost time for Gen Con, and we’re getting ready for the crowds!

We’re just over a week away from the biggest show of the year, and we’re tremendously excited to show you all the things we have planned!

Where We Are

The first thing you need to know is where to find us!

We have just one booth this year (#3059), although we are also sharing space with the Table of Ultimate Gaming folks in Event Hall C. That’s where we’ll be running 15-minute demos of Wrath & Glory throughout the day (during exhibitor hours). Just walk right up and watch or participate in a demo to get a taste of this new game!

As you can see, there’s a convenient path right along the side wall from our Hall C location to our booth. So after you’ve tried out Wrath & Glory, you can head right in and pick up a copy of the Core Rules! We will have limited quantities of the book at Gen Con, but we’ll be restricting sales on a per-day basis so that everyone can get a chance. If you’re eager to purchase your copy, you’ll want to line up at that entrance from Hall C at the beginning of the day. (Note – Pre-order customers will be able to walk right to the booth. They do not need to line up.)

On the left side of that map, you can see an arrow indicating the way to Lucas Oil Stadium. Why do you need to know that? Because that’s where all our RPG and card demo sessions are!

As you can see, Lucas Oil is also where our Saturday morning seminar is. So everything we’re doing is close to everything else!


Let’s talk about those events!

Here’s the full list of everything we have going on. As you can see, we have Trade Day presentations, RPG events for all four of our roleplaying lines (including Fading Suns!), walk-up mini-demos of Wrath & Glory, competitive and cooperative play of the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, and our seminar on Saturday.

Note that this search is on the keyword “Ulisses,” and it does include some events by our friends at Living Aventuria / TORGanized Play, a new fan-run group that is working on putting out connected storylines in both The Dark Eye and Torg Eternity. You can find the rest of their games by clicking those links. And while you’re checking out fan events, be sure to take a look at the Wrath & Glory and Fading Suns LARPs run by Kettle of Fish! There’s still some space in a couple of them!

With RPG events, it’s always a great idea to try and show up even though the event is sold out. It’s possible that someone won’t show up, and then the GMs can let in players with generics. Some GMs may even expand their table to accommodate an extra player, but this is always GMs discretion. Please do not pressure our gamemasters to overfill their games – this is both for their sake and for the sake of the players who are there with scheduled tickets.

The Aventuria Learn to Play sessions and the walk-up Wrath & Glory sessions do not require a scheduled ticket. For Aventuria, we can handle quite a few people at a time, so you should be able to grab any of those slots you want. For Wrath & Glory, we’ll be going through those demos quickly. You can either watch one or wait your turn to participate. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the amazing Warhammer themed tables!

For the seminar, please note that the scheduled tickets are almost completely sold out. There is just one left at the time of this writing, so it may already be gone. You can still show up, and you may be able to stand at the back, but we are limited in how many people we can squeeze into the room simply for safety reasons. If you are not able to get into the room to hear the talks, don’t worry! We will be recording this event and posting it online early the following week.

Other Notes

In addition to our administrative staff, the designers we will have at the convention include Bill Bridges, Darrell Hayhurst, and Ross Watson. They are happy to talk to fans, but please be sensitive about their time and other commitments.

Also, we have no idea what kind of rush to expect for those Wrath & Glory books. If you are purchasing Wrath & Glory, we request that you enter the booth from the wall side. If necessary, we will set up a line down the side wall towards Hall C. We will also be separating Wrath & Glory purchases from other purchases to make them move more quickly and to allow people to browse and check out our other product lines more easily. And again, this does not apply to pre-order customers who have chosen to pick up their books at Gen Con.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon at the Best Four Days in Gaming!

4 thoughts on “Ulisses North America at Gen Con 2018”

  1. Henri says:

    Best wishes to your efforts and may Wrath & Glory be well received!

  2. Alex says:

    will we finally get to hear more about future aventuria card game addons

  3. Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt says:

    Looking forward to the 4th Edition!

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