Updates, updates, and New Releases!

This week is a busy time for Ulisses Spiele’s english game lines! Here are the updates for each game line:

Updates for Fading Suns and Myth Kickstarters and new release for Torg Eternity and The Dark Eye!

Fading Suns

A new Fading Suns update is available for backers on the Kickstarter. It includes details on the state of production and manuscript PDFs and the character sheet so you can get started on your characters right away!

Myth: Journeyman update

Updates abound concerning the printed materials, miniatures productions timelines, communication, DriveThruCards, and more!

Torg Eternity

The Aylse content is now available to the wider public via our store, if you missed the crowdfunding now is your chance to grab it (North America via our store and Europe via the German F-shop).

Magic of Aventuria

The Magic of Aventuria books, cards, and more are now available to the wider public via our store, if you missed the crowdfunding now is your chance to grab it (North our store and Europe via the German F-shop).

2 thoughts on “Updates, updates, and New Releases!”

  1. Ben says:

    Any updates on when the Cyberpapacy backers will see the PDFs and on Tharkhold to follow?

  2. carpenter117 says:

    Dear Fading Suns – I have to say “no”. It’s not you, really. It’s just me.

    The dissatisfaction with the upcoming edition has been mounting drop by drop with each new update bringing something new. I’ve been rationalizing this away because after so many years were reading something genuinely new. Bill Bridges, one of the original creators was back at the helm! How can you really argue with that?

    And then “A Crying Shame” sidebar *did* me. The level of… petty vindictiveness, for the lack of better term, is simply breathtaking. Sure, while reading I had a lot (A LOT!) of other gripes and disagreements before and after that part, but… this… A final drop. I had to say “No, not after that”.

    Mind you, I was deeply, immensely dissatisfied with the “developments” in the FS during the “rudderless years” of the past 15+ years. I didn’t like petty vindictiveness back then – the piece about Lady Alicia Silvers Hawkwood in the “Interstellar Dispatches” was what *did* it for me the first time. I didn’t like the hard SF tilt in the intervening years. For me, the FS is its very own, unique thing, and not just a reskinned Traveller, WH40K or the Star Wars. I understood, that appearance of new “creator pets” (protagonists, factions and settings) is inevitable, but I couldn’t find them interesting and enticing – but I understood the premise, because, all things considered, Pandemonium is just bad starting setting for the game like the FS.

    At the same time, past decade was not entirely bad either for the game. You admit as much by the fact of keeping virtually all of previously designed equipment and transports in the new edition. But what you’d ultimately did with the game reminds of the old adage: “to thrown the baby out with the bath water”. You’re, apparently, so dedicated to “go back to the roots”, to the 1st Edition, that you are willing to cancel nearly *all* developments that the FS had in the intervening years. Some of these developments were both long-established, internally consistent and just felt after all these years as your own for the long-time players and GMs, that one can’t help but be taken aback at such at times rude and, I say it again, vindictive retcon.

    Some of these developments, I remind you, did happen on *your* watch during either 1st or 2nd Edition. That some of them are gone for good is, probably, a good sign. But the fact that they are gone only now is not a reason to pat yourself on a back. To name just one: surely, your new owners from the Ulisses Spiele were not fooled even one second and knew from the start *whose expy* was a certain Consul Erwin Gerhardt of the Muster. Thankfully, now there’s not a trace of him in the new FS. Which, like I said above, raises a question – what possessed you to make him a constant feature since the 1st Edition’s Corebook? To what kind of people were you trying to appeal back then in 1996?

    This “back to basics” theme, brought by the most inelegant means, is what discouraged me from the game even more than the new gamesystem, which, I suspect, will simply not work at the gametable (mainly, because we are all humans and tend to forget little clunky stuff). That superimposed stasis in everything just unravels too much for me. You know that for some (a lot?) of people this would be too much, and even hint at that in a roundabout way writing in “The Phoenix Throne” chapter. As such, Emperor Alexius is one giant disappointment. The Emperor, who had a potential, setting-wise, to become a combination of the best traits of Gustavus-Adolphus II and Louis XIV (with a good smattering of “The Horrible Histories” presentation of Charles II Stuart), instead became, by resulting social stasis reigning supreme, a combination of the worst traits and aspirations of Ferdinand II Habsburg, Tokugawa Ieyasu and the High King David Gwydion from the Changeling the Dreaming setting of the oWoD. The parallels with the latter character are especially troubling and striking, promising nothing good for the future of the FS’s setting.

    I like to think that in the years since I first learned about the Fading Suns universe and today I didn’t just grow more advanced in years, but I also matured and accumulated more wisdom and experience. I can’t simply unlearn all that. I’ve irrevocably lost the innocence of simplicity and ignorance. Some things won’t make sense fore me (anymore), no matter how “cool” or “shiny” they look like now. I can’t become a teen again. The new edition, apparently, strives both to appeal to a much younger crowd and rekindle the spirit of the originality of yore in the hearts of old-time FS players and GMs.

    Which means I’m the problem – not you. I’m sorry, Fading Suns 4th Edition, but I have to say “No”.

    P.S. I really want to know one thing, though. Who were the writer and chief proofreader of the “Factions” book, responsible for this:

    >“Brackett’s main activity is to surreptitiously facilitate gambling at guild events, something which has made him and Soros quite rich — to the growing anger of lesser guild members, who think they’re taking too large a cut of the action” (c)

    What were you thinking? Do you have *ANY* idea, how this makes you look like?

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