What’s New with The Dark Eye

While we’ve been wrapping up fulfillment on the Aventuria Compendium Kickstarter, we have also been working on exciting new Dark Eye® material. Many of you have expressed curiosity about our plans, so we wanted to catch you up on new developments.

But before we do, we want to say we are thrilled to be nominated for an Origins Award. This nomination puts us in some amazing company, and we are honored to be recognized. Thank you, GAMA!

Theater Knights

We’re moving full steam ahead on the 6-part Theater Knights campaign. As you know, the first two adventures are available. The most exciting news is that we have brought on additional staff specifically for The Dark Eye®. They will focus on the rest of the campaign even as we work on other Dark Eye® products. With their help, we will release Part 3, and possibly Part 4 as well, before it’s time for the Aventuria Magic Kickstarter. We will continue this focus until we finish all six books, plus the Theater Knights GM Screen and the Legacy of the Theater Knights supplement!

Aventuria Magic

Aventuria Magic is a very useful and important supplement for all kinds of spellcasters and those who fight them. We know a lot of you are looking forward to this book, and we’re excited to get it to you soon.

We will have a Kickstarter this year for Aventuria Magic that will also include many other related products. We’re working on many new ideas to make this Kickstarter special. Our aim is to have this be our most amazing campaign yet!

Bringing New Players into the Dark Eye Family

While we’re working on all these products, we are also working on growing the Dark Eye player community.

You already know that The Dark Eye® is an engaging game with a deep and lavish setting. After all, you helped give this game an ENnie! Now we want to honor your dedication by getting even more people to experience the world of Aventuria!

We’ll have more details about that in the coming weeks, but we hope that we can count on your help! We will be introducing some ways we’re developing for you to get directly involved in growing the community, and we’d also love any ideas you might have about sharing the amazing play experience that The Dark Eye® has to offer. Please email us at feedback@ulisses-spiele.de with your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks again, and may the Twelve bless you.

13 thoughts on “What’s New with The Dark Eye”

  1. James Kelher says:

    Super excited for the Aventuria Magic supplement, and the rest of the Theater Knights Campaign. I am wondering if you have looked at getting TDE rules and supplements into retail stores, outside of the web. I know that the books are available here on the Ulissess site, as well as on Amazon, Coolstuff, and so on, but I have not seen any of the books in local gaming stores. I know we have some stores here in Chicagoland that carry many RPGs outside ofthe standard D&D and Pathfinder stuff. Among them is the Gaming Goat, a chain with about 40 stores here, Texas, and Las Vegas. You might also have some luck with Chicagoland Games, also known as The Dice Dojo. Both these FLGSs carry many different flavors of RPG and TDE might have some success selling there. My thinking is that this could draw in more folks that are possibly unaware of The Dark Eye but are looking for something with a little more substance than the standard D&D -type game.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      I actually live in Chicago, and I can tell you that TDE is indeed at the Dice Dojo. 🙂

      Retail presence is a huge part of what we’re working on. Having fans run games is always one of the most helpful pieces of that, so let me know if you want any support for that!

  2. James Kelher says:

    @Eric Simon Eric, that’s fantastic news! I had not been into the Dojo for a while and could only remember from my last visit. I would love to run demons/ teach and learns, or one-offs to get folks introduced into the system. I am also a pretty regular attendee at a Tuesday night meetup, toggle gaming, and will be launching TDE there as well in the next couple of weeks to see what kind of interest I can get. I would love to work with you to get more interest generated for this great system and setting.

  3. Thales says:

    Really looking forward for more in Theater Knights Campaign and more magic as well. Great news!

    About finding new players for the game – are you considering a Beginner box / Starter set of some kind? I don’t know if something similar was released in German but it could be an excellent entry point for new players, especially for TDE which has a little unussual system for audience more accustomed to more traditional power fantasy approach like D&D or Pahtfinder. While I would love to have more players around involved it proved harder to do in comparison with other systems because of the complexity TDE presents.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      That’s a good idea! We can certainly look into that.

    2. Jonathan says:

      I like this idea., am imagining something similar to what you are going to do with Wrath & Glory.

      Take the Free RPG Day module you put out a couple of years ago which already walks you through basic game play and combine it with maps, tokens, preprinted character sheets, etc so that it is a one stop shop for everything you need to start playing. Maybe update the module to include references to new materials.

  4. John says:

    I’m enjoying reviewing the Theater Knights campaign material, but I am personally far more interested in seeing Aventuria Magic underway. The existing book make multiple references to things which should be included in Aventuria Magic (specifically the Wolf Child, crafts that result in magical items where the craftier is not a spellcaster so such as an enchanter and expansion on the available alchemy rules). Unfortunately these are areas that run head first into the concepts the people I know want to be playing, and no one wants to have to try to rebuild after the fact so campaign play is out for me until Aventuria Magic is ready. If Theater Knights is already ahead of schedule, I would “vote” to not have it be a road block for the Magic expansion.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      The goal is to do both at once. That’s why we’re bringing on more staff.

  5. Thomas says:

    Was literally about to recommend the same thing about the starter set. I have some other ideas I’d like to work on but its not clear what the rules are around third party publications. Is there any clarification on thé s? No one expects to publish setting material given how deeply wired on that is but what of adventures, rules modifications, rules additions, monsters, professions etc.?

  6. Reno says:

    I missed the Kickstarter and was wondering when the compendium and armory will be available in pdf? I can’t seem to find a release date on here (my luck probably looking in all the wrong places) Thanks!

    I’m also really looking forward to Aventuria Magic, and was wondering if there is going to be another Bestiary, with rules for things like lycanthropy and vampirism?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Compendium and Armory should be available this month. We just wanted to make sure all Kickstarter backers got their packages before they go up on our webstore, and then soon after that they’ll be on DriveThru.

      There is a second Bestiary, but it’s a bit down the line.

  7. Daniel says:

    Already nearly October and still no sign of the Kickstarter for Aventuria Magic? This is I think actually one of the best supplements in the German version, and would be a great addition to the english one as well.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      We should have some updates soon. The difficulty is that we don’t want to announce anything that we can’t follow through on, and there are some things we have to be sure of before we can start making those announcements.

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