Why You Should Play a Cyberwitch from the Cyberpapacy

If you’ve been following along with our Design Notes videos on YouTube, you may have realized that we haven’t done the Cyberpapacy yet. Unfortunately there were some problems with the video itself that will keep us from posting it before the end of the Kickstarter campaign. So in the meantime, here is another Why You Should Play to cover Darrell’s favorite cosm!


Witches (and warlocks) are adept at the arcane magic that the Cyberpope Malraux has declared as heretical and forbidden in the Cyberpapacy.  However, you get a thrill from narrowly escaping the clutches of the Church Police as you do missions for La Resistance. You work in the shadows as long as long as you remain undetected, but are dangerous once revealed.

With the iron fist of the Cyberpapacy continuing to squeeze France and Spain tighter and tighter, it wasn’t difficult having an opportunity to have your moment of crisis. Your moral duty was obvious, and you took it, despite having “illegal” abilities.


Cyberwitches take the best that magic and technology has to offer, using the qualities of both to dampen the disadvantages of either alone. Your magic can affect technology in ways that other realities can’t, simply because you’re familiar with both.

However, the Cyberpope has turned even your own reality against you, and backlash is particularly brutal in the Cyberpapacy. However, you have a Hexxer implant which can discharge some of the energies that would otherwise fry your brain.

You work best in a group, as your enhance spell can boost multiple people, including yourself. You can also degrade the abilities of your enemies. Best of all, you can cast a spell that will hide you from all electronics and surveillance cameras, and both are in plentiful supply in the Cyberpapacy.

You are the personification of the fight against the High Lord of the Cyberpapacy, don’t let your comrades, or Earth, down!

7 thoughts on “Why You Should Play a Cyberwitch from the Cyberpapacy”

  1. Alex says:

    Oh wow! This is so much cooler then I imagined. One question, though. Can a cyberwitch be a cyberwarlock? Is this archetype limited by gender?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Yes, cyberwarlocks are possible.

    2. JetstreamGW says:

      I fail to see why the word “witch” ought to apply only to women anyway. 😛 The word’s derived from an old english word that could be masculine or feminine.

      Male cyberwitch, female cyberwitch, still cyberwitch if you ask me.

  2. Zack Zenobi says:

    Love the outfit!

  3. Cybergeek says:

    Only part about the Cyberpapacy is that any Aysle Mage would be sure hate the “brutal” backlash considering the respective perks they choose in order to amplify their magic

  4. Sitting Duck says:

    Whatever became of the Cyberpapacy video? Was it put on the Index by the Inquisition and subjected to a virtual burning?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      It’s languishing in the GodNet. We’re trying to recover it, but it may be a bit.

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