Why You Should Play an Edeinos from the Living Land


You belong to a spiritual race, a race that loves to experience life to the fullest. You feel alive hunting for your food, swinging through trees, and worshiping your goddess, Lanala. Your tribe is one of many in the Living Land who followed the Saar Baruk Kaah to this land, bringing life to “dead places.” However, since arriving on this world, you have come to realize that Baruk Kaah is only bringing death and destruction and is an abomination in Lanala’s eyes.

Now you belong to a new tribe, one with great diversity of origins and races. Many of these new tribe members use “dead things” but they do so in the service of life and Lanala, even if they don’t truly understand that is what they do.


As a savage warrior you are adept with a spear, or even using your claws to rip into your foes (or prey). Some who don’t understand Keta Kalles ask why you wear “dead things” like bone and hides, but they don’t realize that just because they are alive no longer doesn’t mean that they’re “dead.” Your spear may be made out of wood and bone or a hrockt shoot, but regardless Lanala once touched it, and when you feel your savage nature take hold, few can stand up to your strength.

You may be an “optant,” one who directly petitions Lanala to bestow her higher gifts upon you and your tribe. The spiritual power you can tap into is greater than any other reality connected to Core Earth, and your miracles can be the critical component to defeating the High Lords, including Baruk Kaah.

Finally, you can be a paragon of your race, gaining extra abilities just for being an edeinos, able to use your tail like a whip, camouflage yourself in the jungle, or even rip through “metal” like it was a weak hide.

Be strong, warrior, for you fight to preserve the very will of Lanala!

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Play an Edeinos from the Living Land”

  1. Theodore Wilson says:

    Already in love with it

  2. Ebatbuok says:

    Ow, my gawd, they seem playable now 🙂
    Errr. At least in places where they would not be shot at first sight…

  3. Theodore Wilson says:

    Simple get the face of the group you can be suprised at a few choice words and good looks can do stopped alot of problems from the settlements and a few gangs.

    1. Zack Zenobi says:

      Any idea what that Eidinos is doing to that Realm Runner?

      1. Eric Simon says:

        He’s healing him.

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