Wrath & Glory – Additional Characters for Free RPG Day

We were planning to wait a little longer on this, but several people have been asking us about it already. For those of you who are connected to a store participating in Free RPG Day, you may have noticed that two of the characters are referenced but not included. With all of the other material we’ve put into that packet, we just could not fit all six 4-page character pamphlets.

Of course, that means that those two characters are not part of the Free RPG Day event, which means we can show them to you early!

If you are running a Free RPG Day demo, you may print these for personal use at that event. This way you’ll be able to run a game with up to six players!

Download the Sister of Battle PDF

Download the Inquisitional Acolyte PDF


13 thoughts on “Wrath & Glory – Additional Characters for Free RPG Day”

  1. Neal zealot says:

    Super! Glad to see some sample characters.

  2. Thoraz says:

    Many thanks for showing us some sample character sheets. Though the Battle Sister character sheet has some unusual skill numbers:

    – Her Athletics is 6 (skill rating 2 + Strength rating 4), yet she has an adjusted Strength rating of 5. Wouldn’t her Athletics total be 7? Or is there a specific rule about this that I will speculate for now?

    – Her Insight total is 8, yet her Fellowship rating is 3 without any skill rating. I could assume she has an Insight rating of 5. Or there could be a certain rule about this to speculate on? Or the total value could have been a typo?

    Again, many thanks for sharing these.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      We’re not going to go into a ton of detail about this until after Free RPG Day. We don’t want to risk publishing things that are in the product before that event. 🙂

    2. Shas'O Taku says:

      My concerns are more about combat, given that the an incoming attack is contest against the Defense trait as shown in the comic, the Sororita, who is armed with power armor, is more likely to get hit than the She-inquisitor, this brings me to speculate, how does resilience interact with damage.

      1. Eric Simon says:

        Resilience is the threshold you have to beat to apply Wounds instead of just Shock. So it’s VERY important.

  3. Thales says:

    Will there be a chance to see materials after Free RPG Day for those who have no retailer participating around?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Yes, a variety of ways. The easiest will be the the PDF on DriveThru in July.

  4. DangerBay says:

    Just want to say that everything I’ve seen so far is encouraging and I can’t wait to place my All-In pre-order on Friday.

    When I first heard about the new system, I was super wary, but the communication and sneak peaks like these new character sheets are awesome.

  5. Peter Green says:

    I’ll be running the game this Saturday at free RPG day. Way excited. Thanks for all the hard work!

  6. Daniel Enoch Tobin says:

    For folks trying to run this on Free RPG day this weekend can you clearly explain how “+Rank” and “Rank Bonus” work and how they are different? They seem like the same number but they appear to be refereed to separately as serving different purposes. Thanks

    1. Eric Simon says:

      No, they are the same thing. Sorry if that’s not clear!

  7. Darren says:

    So I am prepping for the Free RPG day and I was wondering about movement and range for the purposes for a battlemap. What is the recommended scale for a 1″ grid battlemap? 1″ = 1 meter?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      I am not sure if we have that established. I know it’s supposed to be a little more loose and not necessarily a rigid amount, but if you want to go with that, you should be fine.

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