Wrath & Glory Bonus Content – Ratlings

Our next bonus content reveal for the Wrath & Glory Pre-Order is Ratlings!

Many Ratlings serve in the Militarum Auxilla, usually as forward observers, scouts, snipers, or other roles that make good use of their talents. Reportedly, ratling snipers are so accurate as they can shoot an Ork in its eye socket from a thousand yards. Ratlings are also highly cunning, and when angered or annoyed, they are prone to playing dangerous practical jokes on whomever provoked them.

We are developing rules and backgrounds for these Abhumans for future products in the Wrath & Glory line, most of which we won’t even start talking about until late this year. But if you pre-order now, we will add the Ratlings Preview PDF to your bonus content at no additional charge!

As we indicated with the Ogryns preview, we will send these out in batches as soon as they are available, starting after the pre-order closes on July 30th. But if you want to be among the first to play a Ratling in Wrath & Gloryhead to the pre-order now!

10 thoughts on “Wrath & Glory Bonus Content – Ratlings”

  1. Lagarto says:

    No está mal poder tener a los Ratlings más adelante.

    Pero lo que queremos la mayoría es que, a falta del libro básico de reglas (Después de la Gen Con) nos llegue ya el PDF de Bendiciones no anunciadas a los que tenemos el Pre-order para poder probarlo ya.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Very soon! As we mentioned, we’re not allowed to release Blessings Unheralded until July. And it’s almost July…

  2. Charles Lord says:

    One of my NPCs used to be best friends with a Ratling. Tragically, he died off-screen. (He was the ‘boss’ of one encounter for extra ‘Oomph’). Always wanted to give ’em a good showing.

  3. Hugh S. Filth says:

    Need Necron character creation!

  4. H says:

    Are the next ones squats?

    1. Once GW brings back Squats, I’d love to write them up as I did for the Ogryn and Ratlings.

      1. Webpollution says:

        You could always create an *unofficial* guide to squats… 😉

        Do it under a pseudonym, Hell you can borrow mine.

      2. Mikesalamandrin says:

        I thought they did? They made a big to-do about introducing squat bounty hunters to Necromunda a couple months ago

        1. Eric Simon says:

          Squats will not be in Wrath & Glory, however.

  5. Keiffer Wactor says:

    We need the cat people abhumans too.

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