Wrath & Glory Card Previews

One of the new features of Wrath & Glory, Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay is the addition of card decks to represent many of the random effects built into the game. While there are still random tables in the book for many of these effects, the use of cards enhances the experience greatly.

Let’s take a look at some specific card samples to show you what we mean.


The Wrath Deck handles two things at once.

First, it is a direct replacement for the Critical Hit table. When you’re using the Wrath Deck for crits, the top card is revealed at the beginning of combat so that everyone can see what the next crit will be. This lets players spend Wrath for rerolls to help them get it more quickly if it looks very helpful, or it lets the card loom ominously over the combat as everyone wonders how long before that crit comes their way. As you can see, there’s also some great art and flavor text to help with visualizing the crit itself. (Note – Severity refers to greater effects that can be achieved with shifts or Glory expenditures.)

Second, the Wrath Deck is used for resolving Threatening Tasks. This is a special narrative mechanic that allows you to set scenes where the player characters need to accomplish something while under fire. The full explanation of how these work will be in the Core Rules, but the short version is that the symbols in the lower right connect to character keywords and indicate who can work towards resolving the Threatening Task on a given round.


The Campaign Card Deck is the one deck that does not have a corresponding table in the rulebook. That’s because it is player-facing rather than randomized. Players draw from this deck and choose when to play their cards.

As you can see from this example, these cards typically have effects that are both good and bad. Most importantly, though, they tend to set up more interesting stories. And players can never complain that the game master is targeting them, because they did it to themselves.

Perils of the Warp

The Perils of the Warp Card Deck is specifically designed for the punishing effects psykers face when their powers go wrong. The table with which this deck corresponds is slightly larger because this is one of the few times a player might be rolling multiple Wrath Dice. To help simplify that process, this deck is subdivided based on how many Wrath Dice the psyker has rolled.

You may notice that rolling more Wrath Dice is not always good.

Combat Complications

Of the four decks, the Combat Complications deck is probably the most straightforward. That’s because the table it replaces is fairly simple. However, we can offer some additional specificity and randomization through the cards beyond what is listed in the table.

All of these decks are currently available as part of the All-In bundle on the Wrath & Glory pre-order page. Head there now!

18 thoughts on “Wrath & Glory Card Previews”

  1. ShawnH says:

    I’m going to enjoy the shenanigans caused by the campaign cards

  2. Country Anon says:

    Cards huh? How will this work with online play, where players can’t draw cards, especially with the cards that have no random table to roll on? Is the game playable without cards, or are those of us who live out in the country and can’t get an IRL group together left out in the cold?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      As it indicates in the article, most of the decks have random table equivalents in the Core Rules. And the Campaign cards are optional.

      1. Country Anon says:

        Will a PDF/Image version of the Campaign Cards be available for purchase, then? I play on Roll20 most of the time so I could make a deck there if the material is available, much like how the Book of Feasts for the King Arthur Pendragon game has a PDF of the feast cards when you buy it from DriveThruRPG.

        I’m aware they’re optional, but I’d still like to use those mechanics if I’m able to.

        1. Eric Simon says:

          Yes, it will. We know that a lot of people play on virtual tabletops these days, and we want to make sure to support them. There may even be a Roll20-ready version down the road!

          1. Neal Dalton says:

            That’s good to know. I’ve been very interested in preordering but I really only play online.

  3. Man, I am going to take my time before even thinking about using these in play. 1000 plates all spinning at once. In fact, after running Blessings Unheralded twice I’m already looking for where I can simplify.

    1. Thales says:

      Can you share some more thoughts after playing Blessings Unheralded with us? What have you found complicated and how was the flow of the game?

  4. ShawnH says:

    That goes counter to everything ive heard regarding W&G and the free Rpg day scenario. Please elaborate.

    And having watched the BoLS play session with Ross even they got it no problem (although I was kinda shocked at how unprofessional the BoLS staffers were with it imo…embarrassingly obnoxious)

  5. Jamie Dobson says:

    Are you going to make a PDF version of the free RPGday stuff?

    Our FLGS only got 5 copies and they went to the people that got to demo the game (which I couldn’t participate in as my wife was in hospital)

    It would _really_ help your pre-order sales… I for one wouldn’t hesitate dropping the £250+ pre-order, but no way until I’ve read the quick start.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Yes, but not until July. The rules of Free RPG Day state that we cannot publicly distribute the materials until then. We’ll announce it when we post it.

  6. Jamie Dobson says:

    Great news. Thanks

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Yeah, please do not encourage that behavior. These will become available to the general public soon enough.

  7. Daniel Enoch Tobin says:

    Will the Bonus Promo cards ONLY be available with pre-order? All other bonus content seems to be available later down the road but I have not seen an answer to this anywhere. I am still planning a pre-sale purchase. But I am not a big fan of content that is promo only never to be seen again. Especially something that should be available to players. If their are going to be items like this are there going to continue to be limited time only card packs?


    1. Eric Simon says:

      They will be available eventually, but for the cards we haven’t decided exactly how. So it may be a bit before they are generally available.

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