Wrath & Glory Free RPG Day Teaser!

It’s a little over a month until Free RPG Day, and we are looking forward to giving you your first opportunity to play Wrath & Glory! We’ve made this Free RPG Day product very special – more than just a Quickstart!

To give you a little taste of what you’ll be getting, here are a few teaser images:


As you can see, this pack contains everything you’ll need to start playing Wrath & Glory right away!

Oh, and you might be wondering why we have the covered-up picture at the top. Well, we posted that picture on our Instagram account, and we promised that we would reveal the rest of it before Free RPG Day if we get 500 followers. So you know what to do…

19 thoughts on “Wrath & Glory Free RPG Day Teaser!”

  1. John Myers says:

    So excited to see this!

  2. Greg says:

    Where can we get this and when?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Be sure to look at the Store Locator. There will be other methods later, but this is specifically a teaser about the Free RPG Day event.

  3. Chris Hammer says:

    I live in a country with no participating game stores. Will a PDF version be made available, or will the pack be available through the Ulisses shop?

    1. Chris Hammer says:

      My apologies—I did not see the sentence, “there will be other methods later”. Being able to download a PDF version on Free RPG day would be nice, however. Fans with no store near them would surely like to try the Quickstart rules along with everyone else!

      1. Eric Simon says:

        We will have the PDF available later. We have to wait a certain amount of time per the rules of Free RPG Day, but you can look for it in July.

        1. Chris Hammer says:

          Thanks for the reply, and good luck with the launch. Really looking forward to trying out Wrath and Glory!

  4. Daniel Enoch Tobin says:

    Will this be a max of 3 players (plus 1 gm) for a total of 4 people at the table?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      There are more characters than we’re showing here. Some of them appeared in the Bell of Lost Souls actual play…

  5. John Owens says:

    Kind of upset, unfortunately our distributor ran out of Free RPG Day kits at the end of April, we were unable to secure any of this. Any suggestions?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Oof, sorry to hear that. I don’t have a good way for you to get them to the store on Free RPG Day, but there will be other ways to get it afterwards. You could contact Free RPG Day themselves and see if they can still get you in directly. Other than that, I don’t know what else to suggest.

  6. Jonah says:

    Do you know when in July the PDF will be avalable

    1. Eric Simon says:

      As early as we’re allowed. 🙂

  7. Robert Rosenthal says:

    I got the Wrath & Glory : Blessings Unheralded for Free RPG Day. (Yay!!!)

    However, It has 4 pregen character sheets in it, but they reference 6 characters, and have tokens for all 6.

    Referenced & Tokened Pregen Characters:
    Trojon Kull, Henna Orten, Victoria Linn, Yrmalla Aleretta, Pater Nemoris, and Gael Harden.

    Character sheets for:
    Trojon Kull, Victoria Linn, Pater Nemoris, and Gael Harden

    Missing Character Sheets:
    Henna Orten (Sister of Battle), and Lady Yyrmalla/Yrmalla Aleretta (Inquisitorial Acolyte)
    *** Aleretta has the first named spelled 2 different ways depending on which entry you look at.
    *** Both of those characters are Allied Characters for Pater Nemoris.

    On a side note, that makes two groups of three, but we are missing two of them in one of the groups.

    I wonder if there will be an update or something so we can get those two characters? I’d expect a PDF to be posted as I really doubt any company is going to be sending out that stuff by mail these days.

    I’ve given it a quick scan and looks good. Too bad the tokens weren’t perforated/cut, but it’s light enough that scissors will work without trouble. 🙂

    1. Eric Simon says:

      We posted another article about the additional characters here:

      1. Robert Rosenthal says:

        There doesn’t seem to be a link.

        1. Eric Simon says:

          That’s strange. It’s in the HTML code for the reply, but doesn’t show up here. Click on the Wrath & Glory category link in the sidebar and then scroll down until you see an article titled “Additional Characters for Free RPG Day.”

          1. Robert Rosenthal says:

            Thank you very much!
            I did look through that stuff, and somehow I completely missed it.
            I feel completely blind or something.

            Can we blame it on the heretics and xeno-abominations? 😉

  8. Daniel Enoch Tobin says:

    So are you guys going to start a feedback post or thread for folks who ran/playtested W&G at (or right after) FreeRPGday? I bet many of us have questions and/or feedback. Perhaps a dedicated page/thread/forum? Thanks. PS thanks for naming the planet in the adventure after me! Now thats customer service!

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