Wrath & Glory Pre-Order Bonus: Table of Ultimate Gaming Discount!

Have you been worrying about having to put your money both into the new Warhammer 40,000 RPG and a fitting table to play it on? Worry no more!

Today we are happy to announce our partnership with the makers of the Table of Ultimate Gaming to offer customers who pre-order Wrath & Glory an amazing $100 discount on any table!

If you order any full table (though of course we would recommend one of the Warhammer-themed tables) by August 31st, you will receive $100 off just for being a Wrath & Glory pre-order customer!

Here are a couple of notes on how this will work:

  • When you are ordering your table, please let the Table of Ultimate Gaming folks know that you are a Wrath & Glory pre-order customer. You will have to confirm this directly on the phone or by email, but you should be able to start ordering right now.
  • If you happen to have purchased a table prior to this announcement but still during the pre-order period (i.e. – starting June 1st), you can still receive a rebate! Just contact Table of Ultimate Gaming and they will be happy to help you!
  • Note: This discount applies only to purchases of tables. It cannot be applied to chairs, decoration, or accessories.

Together at Gen Con

We are also thrilled to announce that we will be running walk-up demos to help people learn the rules of Wrath & Glory in the Table of Ultimate Gaming space in Event Hall C. These will be 15-minute demos that will be running constantly during Exhibitor Hours. Look for more details about that when we do our big “Ulisses at Gen Con” post very soon!

9 thoughts on “Wrath & Glory Pre-Order Bonus: Table of Ultimate Gaming Discount!”

  1. Hugh S. Filth says:

    Apparently, they don’t ship to EU as of now.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      That’s unexpected. Their FAQ indicates they do. I will follow up on that.

      1. Hugh S. Filth says:

        Yea, forget that.
        I missed that in the FAQ. xD

  2. Charles Lord says:

    Well, I spent all my money on the game itself, so I can’t get a new table…

  3. Caimheul says:

    Contacted the folks at Table of Ultimate Gaming to get this offer retroactively applied to a table order I had placed prior to this announcement. They worked with me, but it seemed like they were expecting a coupon code?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      I will follow up with them on that.

      1. Caimheul says:

        Still no refund from them. I have contacted the member of their support team who I was working with, and figured I’d post an update here as well.

        1. Eric Simon says:

          Please contact us directly so that we can help.

          1. Caimheul says:

            I publicly complained, so feel the thanks should be equally public. Thank you so much for whatever help you may have provided behind the scenes in getting the rebate processed!

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