Wrath & Glory T-Shirt Offer and Origins Reminders

This week’s Bonus Material reveal is a little different from the others so far. This falls into the category of the “and more” we’ve mentioned.

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with OffWorld Designs to produce t-shirts for Wrath & Glory, and pre-order customers will have exclusive access to the first design!

Here’s a look at the front:

The back will have the following quote:

It is not enough to defeat the enemy. They must be annihilated!

OffWorld Designs produces shirts direct to the customer, so this shirt isĀ not part of your bundle. Instead, we will be releasing a link to all pre-order customers that will allow you to purchase this exclusive shirt at a special discounted price.

We’ll be sending the link out in waves during the pre-order, so you won’t even have to wait until it’s over! The first wave will be sent soon!

We understand that not everyone may be interested in t-shirts, and that’s why we will continue to reveal a variety of bonus materials to be included in the pre-order.

Origins Game Fair Notes

Don’t forget the special Saturday night event at the Three-Legged Mare! Everyone who has seen our preview sample of Blessings Unheralded is very excited to get their copies, so make sure you’re there to get yours!

Also, if you have a podcast, a blog, a YouTube channel, or any other kind of media stream, please come see us at the Studio 2 booth so we can set up interviews with Ross, Stephen, and Wendelyn!

2 thoughts on “Wrath & Glory T-Shirt Offer and Origins Reminders”

  1. ShawnH says:

    Bleh offworld doesn’t offer tall sizing. That’s a huge disappointment.

  2. Hugh S. Filth says:

    Only the logo without the rest picture would’ve been better.

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