Your Guide to the Wrath & Glory Pre-Sale

The pre-sale for Wrath & Glory: Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay is almost here! We know that you’re excited to find out all about our plans, and we are thrilled to share them with you!

First, let’s talk about a few key products. The most important one is certainly the Wrath & Glory Core Rules.

This book has over 400 pages and acts as your complete rules reference for Wrath & Glory. It includes extensive character creation options, gamemastering advice, and so much more!

And for the collector, the Core Rules will be available not only in hardcover, but also in Deluxe red leatherette and in a special hand-bound black leather Limited Edition! We’ll be announcing the final prices on these next week.


(Note – These are sample images. The final embossing will be in gold.)

The Wrath & Glory Core Rules are the perfect way to get into the game!

Wrath & Glory: Dark Tides is the first full adventure module in the Wrath & Glory line!

The ocean world of Charybdion seethes with discontent and a growing sense of danger. Charybdion’s planetary governor has gone missing, and his councilors struggle to select a suitable heir. Meanwhile, mysterious murders, nightmares, and other dangers threaten to cast this planet into anarchy and despair.

Dark Tides is an anthology of five linked adventures that bring your heroes face-to-face with the dangerous villains responsible for Charybdion’s troubles. Can your heroes confront the vile forces spreading insanity and corruption? The fate of this planet is in your characters’ hands—if they can survive what lurks beneath the dark tides.

These are two of the most important products in the pre-sale, but there’s plenty more to see! We’ll be examining more of the individual products throughout the pre-sale itself. Meanwhile, let’s take a quick look at the full list…

Pre-Sale Bundles

We have set up two bundles for you to make your pre-sale experience as easy as possible:

Player Bundle – $100 (plus any edition upgrades)

  • Core Rules (Hardcover/Deluxe/Limited)
  • Talents and Psychic Powers Card Pack
  • Gear Card Pack
  • 5 Dice (4 black, 1 red)

This bundle is the perfect set of products to get you started as a player.

All-In Bundle – $275 (plus any edition upgrades)

  • Core Rulebook (Hardcover/Deluxe/Limited)
  • Dark Tides
  • GM Screen
  • Wrath Deck
  • Campaign Card Deck
  • Perils of the Warp Card Deck
  • Combat Complications Card Deck
  • Talents and Psychic Powers Card Pack
  • Gear Card Pack
  • Wrath & Glory Digital Soundtrack
  • 3 Double-Sided Battle Maps (1 large, 2 medium)
  • Beginner’s Rulebook and a new Starter Adventure (separate from Blessings Unheralded)
  • 6 Pre-Generated Characters on Deluxe Character Sheets
  • Acrylic Tokens for Characters, Enemies, and NPCs
  • 10 Dice (9 black, 1 red)
  • Exclusive Collectors Box

For those who want it all, this is everything we have for the initial launch of Wrath & Glory. In addition to those products already mentioned, this bundle includes the GM Screen, Battle Maps, acrylic tokens, and Soundtrack to help you set the stage for your game. It also includes four card decks that the Gamemaster can use to generate excitement and story at the table: the Wrath Deck, the Campaign Card Deck, the Perils of the Warp Card Deck, and the Combat Complications Card Deck.

Every product in your bundle comes with a PDF version, which will be sent to you as soon as it becomes available. If you just want the PDFs, those will appear on DriveThruRPG as they become available.

Product Descriptions

If you’re wondering what all of these products are and why you’d want them, here is a quick overview of everything listed in the All-In Bundle:

  • Core Rulebook – The Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook contains everything you need to start your roleplaying adventure in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
  • Dark Tides – The ocean world of Charybdion seethes with discontent and a growing sense of danger. Dark Tides is an anthology of five linked adventures that bring your heroes face-to-face with the dangerous villains responsible for Charybdion’s troubles. Can your heroes confront the vile forces spreading insanity and corruption?
  • GM Screen – This three-panel GM screen keeps the game’s most commonly used rules and tables close at hand.
  • Wrath Deck – This card deck details numerous brutal critical hits for combat in Wrath & Glory, plus they are useful for determining the outcome of a threatening task (situations where the entire warband works together to complete steps towards resolving a dangerous situation).
  • Campaign Card Deck – These cards put some narrative control into the players hands for games of Wrath & Glory. Each card’s effects are immersive into the universe of Warhammer 40,000 and help connect the player to the themes and tropes of the setting.
  • Perils of the Warp Card Deck – Using psychic powers are dangerous in the 41st Millennium. Unfortunate psykers may manifest all manner of bizarre and sinister phenomena… and this card deck details the horrific events that ensue.
  • Combat Complications Card Deck – In Wrath & Glory, rolling a complication during a test means that the situation changes – usually becoming more difficult or problematic for the character. This deck is useful for when a complication is rolled in combat and contains many example situations that may occur.
  • Talents and Psychic Powers Card Pack – This card deck contains handy reference material for a character’s talents or psychic powers that they may possess.
  • Gear Card Pack – This card contains handy references for weapons, armour, and other important wargear for Wrath & Glory characters.
  • Wrath & Glory Digital Soundtrack – This soundtrack captures the feel of adventuring in the grim darkness of the far future, perfect to play as background music for your Wrath & Glory games.
  • 3 Double-sided maps – These battlemaps provide interesting scenes for your Wrath & Glory combats.
  • Beginner’s Rulebook and a new Starter Adventure – The Wrath & Glory Beginner’s Rulebook contains all the essential rules for the game, presented with additional examples and a special comic section to help explain the game and the universe of Warhammer 40,000 to new players. Additionally, the starter adventure “Escape Da Rok” places a warband of Wrath & Glory heroes squarely in the action when Ork pirates hijack a starship carrying Imperial pilgrims!
  • Pre-generated character sheets – These deluxe, 4-page character sheets detail six pre-generated Wrath & Glory characters at Tier 3, perfect for a group of players to get started right away with their adventures in the grim darkness of the far future.
  • Acrylic Tokens – These special tokens are sized appropriately for use with the Wrath & Glory battlemaps. Made from a clear, durable acrylic, these tokens are a great addition for any Wrath & Glory Game Master’s toolbox. These tokens represent NPCs, monsters, and other adversaries encountered during the game.
  • 10 Dice – This set of 6-sided dice contains 9 regular and 1 specially-coloured Wrath Dice, a perfect set for your adventures in Wrath & Glory! Each dice is specially marked so that scoring your icons and exalted icons is quick and easy during play.
  • Exclusive Collector’s Box – A sturdy box holds all the items listed above and provides a handy place to keep your Wrath & Glory materials together for when you want to adventure in the 41st Millennium.

Bonus Material

In addition to being great bargains all by themselves, the Bundles are your key to amazing bonus material that we will include with your order at no additional charge!

Each week during the pre-sale, we’ll reveal another item that will be included with every order! These might be digital supplements with new game material, physical items added to your order, and more!

And the great thing is that you don’t have to do anything – no matter which bundle you choose or when you order, you will get all the bonus material! We simply want to take some time to talk about each of these amazing items, so we’re going to spread them out and reveal them as we go.

Pre-Sale Launch Date

At this point, we hope you’re eager to find out when you can start ordering. The presale is scheduled to launch on Friday, June 1st. We’ll post links on all our social media at 10:00am Central (UTC-5).

See you then!

90 thoughts on “Your Guide to the Wrath & Glory Pre-Sale”

  1. Dustin says:

    Will there be a German version of the rules?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Not immediately. Translation licensing has to be handled separately.

      1. PS says:

        Thats a shame… while I dont mind english rules myself, itll be a lot harder to get my friends to agree to an english ruleset… I dont suppose there will be a similar presale deal when the translations come out? :/

        1. Eric Simon says:

          I can’t even promise that we’ll be responsible for selling any translated versions. Licensing is complicated. 🙂

  2. Doug says:

    Is there a PDF deal?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      We are not doing a PDF pre-sale bundle, but you’ll be able to buy them as they come out. There shouldn’t be much of a delay getting them that way versus through the pre-sale bundles.

  3. H says:

    And what about international Shipping price?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      We have shipping centers in Germany and the US, so shipping is EU-friendly, and the cheapest destinations are those regions. We also have partners in China and Australia to help reduce costs to Asia and the Pacific rim. I’ll have more information about specific shipping costs next week.

  4. Matthew says:

    Do the bundles save us any money or are they just one click basket fillers

    1. Eric Simon says:

      The Player bundle is the same as retail, except that you’ll also be getting the bonus material. The All-In Bundle definitely saves you money.

  5. Erick says:

    Would any of this be available at GenCon?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      The Core Rules will be at Gen Con, yes.

  6. Kastor says:

    Presale starts June 1st, what is the expected shipment date?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      September 2018

  7. Corey kershaw says:

    Is there a release ETA yet?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Core Rules at Gen Con, everything else fall 2018. (pre-orders will get theirs first, and then they’ll filter into regular retail)

  8. Constantin Valdor says:

    Awesome to see Wrath & Glory coming to fruition!! You can count on me to be All-In.

    I know that your intention is to make the game flexible enough to allow players to be who they want to be, but can you confirm whether Adeptus Custodes are a viable player character option at release?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Adeptus Custodes are mentioned but not directly statted out in the Core Rules. At some point, even a 452-page book runs out of room. 🙂

      1. Constantin Valdor says:

        Thanks for the info. We may need some house rules to cover it. 🙂 One of the most exciting things about the Dark Imperium (in my opinion) if that the Talons of the Emperor have been unleashed!

  9. Matt Ballert says:

    Is the info from the card decks available in the core rulebook as a list/tables or are the card decks the only way to get the info?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      There are tables in the book. The one deck that’s a little trickier to do with tables is the Campaign Card Deck, because that’s player facing. Players hold onto those cards and choose when to play them. But that effect is optional.

      1. Matt Ballert says:

        Awesome, thanks!

  10. Joao F says:

    Can I pre-order for Gen Con pick up?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      There will be an option to pick up the book at Gen Con, but the rest will be delivered separately.

      -Eric for Ulisses North America

  11. John M says:

    So all the stuff I’ve seen on the game has been imperium focused, but I’ve seen that the game supports play as other races/factions, can you confirm this?

    Like will I be able to run a Chaos Space Marine campaign out of the core rule book? What about an all Orc campaign?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Orks and Aeldari are available as player characters right from the start. Chaos is more in the adversary column initially.

  12. Lime2K says:

    I have a question — If you pre-order a bundle, will you also get PDFs of the items in that bundle?
    If so, then you have my preorder. If not, I’ll order through my FLGS when it hits distribution.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Yep! It says up above, “Every product in your bundle comes with a PDF version, which will be sent to you as soon as it becomes available. If you just want the PDFs, those will appear on DriveThruRPG as they become available.”

      There’s a lot of text there, so it’s easy to miss.

  13. Peter BOSCO says:

    Our store just got our Free RPG Day copies of “Blessings Unheralded”. I took a look because I am thinking of running it.

    1) This is great.
    2) Some of the pre-generated characters say that they are allied with other characters that do not seem to exist. Are sheets for “Yyrmalla Aleretta” and “Henna Orten” available? It would be nice to have up to six players, this may be popular.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      I believe they ended up having to be left out due to space limitations. I will see what I can do about making them available before Free RPG Day.

  14. Shas'O Taku says:

    I am quite sure that, given the messy nature of Chinese translation industry, there will be no Chinese version, correct? I might need to start offering English tutorial for the interested parties.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Translation licenses are separate, so someone would have to pick that up themselves. As far as I know, you are correct.

  15. Ben says:

    Will the extra items available in the all in bundle be available for seperate purchase at some point?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Yes they will.

  16. Jakob says:

    Is the $275 price listing in USD? I wanna know what it’ll cost to get it from Australia.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Yes it is.

  17. Ivan says:

    Hello, when can we expect the pdf of the core rules to be on drivethroughrpg for sale?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      About a week or so after Gen Con.

  18. ShawnH says:

    Any chance pre purchase PDFs will be available around gencon or a bit before so those of us too far away to go to the con can still get our dose of W&G before Sept too?

    Fair is fair and all.

    Wife’s picking me up the all in for father’s day 🙂

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Once we get past Gen Con, we’ll be sending out the PDFs as they are completed.

      1. ShawnH says:

        Thanks for taking the time to answer as much as you are here Eric.

  19. Stefan Eilers says:

    Is there any future plans for rules to play as xenos?
    well, just other factions in general, other than humanity.

    Would love the chance to play Eldar or Tau, and explore their adventures in the galaxy.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Eldar are in the Core Rules, as are Orks.

  20. Joshua Zepeda says:

    Will Chaos forces be an option as a playable faction?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Not at first. Chaos is mostly included among the adversaries in the Core Rules.

  21. Edd says:

    Will the items such as the GMs screen be available at your online store after September 2018?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      They will indeed!

  22. Patrick says:

    When this will be available at GenCon is there any chance to get this also at Ratcon?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      I believe so, since that’s our German team’s home convention. 🙂

      1. Patrick says:

        This would be awesome. I DM’ed a Warhammer 40k Deathwatch round there last year. If I could get this there I would really like to DM one or even more Wrath and Glory rounds this year 😀

  23. Peder says:

    If I preorder the bundle will the core rules arrive before september 2018 and the rest follows up or do you ship the entire collection together in september 2018?

    best regars Peder

    1. Eric Simon says:

      The physical shipment will happen all at once when everything is ready. The only option for earlier is to pick up the Core Rules at Gen Con. But we’ll get you the PDFs as they become available, which should be sooner than that.

  24. Adam says:

    Will you be able to play as eldar, orks and humans in the same group?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      All of that is determined by the framework you select, which can be as broad or as narrow as your group wants.

  25. paolo castelli says:

    It seems that too many cards are proposed in the game. I wonder, and actually hope, if it will be possible to play it without them?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      There will be tables to allow you to play without most of them. The Campaign Card Deck is player-facing (players draw and choose when to play those cards), so the effect cannot be simulated with tables. However, it is optional.

      1. paolo castelli says:

        Thanks, What will be the shipment charge to europe (italy) ?

        1. paolo castelli says:

          Another question. The Campaign Card Deck is not available in the Player Bundle and you said it is the only Deck which must to be used on the board, and narrative power to player is a great idea so I want to use the deck. So, there will be a copy of the deck in the book? There will be a pdf version of the deck on DriveTru? If not please think about to put the Campaign deck in the Player Bundle maybe instead of the Gear Deck.

  26. Spyros says:

    Living in Europe and hoping to avoid taxes and shipping costs I wonder if Brick and Mortar shops will be able to place pre-orders for the bundles (with the extras included). It might be almost the same price but would prefer to buy from my FLGS

    1. Eric Simon says:

      We ship from Germany, so everything is EU friendly.

      We will not have a retail offer of these bundles. Retail distribution will cover all the individual products.

  27. jaxson Daniher says:

    Is there any news on whether wraith and glory will be stocked at games workshops?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      That I do not know. I actually don’t know the answer to this – were previous editions ever available through GW stores?

  28. Valeriy says:

    Hi! What’s about Russian Shipping price?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      I believe Russia should be included in our European flat rates. I will verify.

  29. Jason Jensen says:

    Are the special editions of the core rule book going to be available to pick up at Gen Con also?
    Also, I plan on attending but several of my friends will not be, they plan on participating in the pre-order, can I pick up there copies of the core rule book if they wish?


    1. Eric Simon says:

      Lots of good questions! No, the special editions will not be available at Gen Con. They take more time in the binding process (especially the hand-bound leather).

      I imagine several people will be asking if someone else can pick up their book for them, so that’s something we should be able to do. I will make that clear in the instructions.

  30. Thomas Mooney says:

    Very interested in this! Will there be any rules for creating chapters/regiments?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      The Core Rules do not include those guidelines specifically, but Chapters are distinguished from each other with just a few traits that you should be able to customize once you’re familiar with the game. There’s even a line in the book about it:

      “At the GM’s discretion, these traits may be adapted for any chapter who is a known successor of one of these chapters. If the campaign necessitates a different chapter whose traditions differ, then the GM and any concerned players should work together to define that chapter’s traits.”

  31. George says:

    Will the All In Bundle include an option to ship the core rulebook early? Or will the bundle only ship as everything is available? Curious to see if there is a delay due to the extras.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      I’ll talk more about shipping soon (probably tomorrow), but the only early delivery option is to pick up the hardcover Core Rules at Gen Con. Everything else will be delivered later. And that actually goes for both bundles.

  32. ShawnH says:

    ” a special comic section to help explain the game and the universe of Warhammer 40,000 to new players. ”
    Will this be the exact same comic that’s available on this site already or will it be a different(or longer) one?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      I believe it is the same.

  33. Alpharius says:

    How large will the battle maps be? How do they compare in size to a 40k battlefield?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      There are two smaller ones and one larger ones. I don’t know if we have the final sizes confirmed, so I can’t offer specifics. I would estimate that the larger would be about a quarter of a standard minis battlefield. RPGs need room for character sheets. 🙂

  34. Thales says:

    What is the deadline date for pre-ordering?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      It will close July 30th.

      1. Thales says:

        Two months from now? Great! Looks like all-in for me then. 🙂

  35. Ethan Prosen says:

    Why did the price of the all-in bundle go up?
    I am not complaining, I am curious.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      See the post from a couple days ago – we were able to include a product that we weren’t sure we would manage to get ready in time: the poker chip counters for Wrath, Glory, and Ruin. Those will retail for $20, but we only raised the All-In by $15 because it was sort of last minute.

      1. Ethan says:

        Missed that. Thank you.
        Looking forward to getting it all 🙂

  36. Joe Cirillo says:

    I preordered the All-In Boxed set and when ordering, checkmarked the ‘pick Corebook at GenCon’. A couple questions:

    1) When I received the email receipt, it did not mention anything about the GenCon pickup. Is that normal?
    2) Are you even able to have corebooks picked up at GenCon for those that ordered “The All In” option?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      The “pick up at Gen Con” option is technically an additional field that does not appear on your receipt. In looking at your order, I can confirm that it’s there. And yes, Gen Con pickup is available to everyone, but it’s ONLY the Core Rules. Everything else will be sent to you, regardless of the bundle you choose.

  37. Arkayne says:

    I’d like to support my FLGS. Can I pre-order through them?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      The few exclusives from this pre-order (the Limited Edition and bonus materials) are not going to be available for retail order, but everything else will be. So if you’d like to support them, you can feel free to wait for retail orders to begin.

  38. TheNorse says:

    How long will these pre-orders be available? As in, how long do I have to make my order?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      Pre-orders close July 30th

  39. Anders Lang says:

    It says here on this page that the price is 270$ for the all-in bundle, but it is 290$ for the cheapest one (Hardcover).

    What gives? 🙂

      1. Anders Lang says:


  40. Ben says:

    Might we get a peek at the Collector’s Box?

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