Why You Should Play a Resistance Fighter from Tharkold


Humans have suffered under the thumb of the technodemons of Tharkold for hundreds of years. You’re a former slave who managed to escape your shackles (and your explosive collar) and joined the resistance, fighting for the freedom of your people.  Isolated cells have fought a desperate losing battle against the Dukes of Tharkold for generations without hope of success.

Until now.

The attack on Earth has given your people an opportunity to rise up and finally end the domination of the human race. Now you’re using your abilities to fight High Lord Kranod’s allies and hopefully recruit some of your own to take the fight back to Tharkold.


Magic is the domain of technodemons, and those who use it risk drawing their attention. You counter that magic with the power of your mind. You have incredible psychic abilities. You can throw objects with a thought, put up a telekinetic barrier, and even temporarily supercharge your physical prowess.

You’re a natural leader, able to change the fortunes of your side of the battle with but a few words of encouragement. Countless hardships have honed your spirit. You don’t give up, and you won’t ever quit.

Finally, you can use advanced weaponry to fight, even in areas that normally wouldn’t allow the use of such devices. Some even synergize with your psionic powers. You wield the weapons of your enemies and use them to your advantage. A technodemon pain gauntlet, normally a device of punishment in pain, becomes a floating instrument  of vengeance thanks to the strength of your mind—and your mind is very strong.

The resistance needs fighters willing to sacrifice everything. Our very survival depends on it!

Kickstarter Countdown, PaizoCon Road Trip, and More

In case you haven’t seen this yet…


Why You Should Play an Electric Samurai from Pan-Pacifica


As an Electric Samurai you hold to the ancient bushido code. You’re an honorable warrior but with high-tech weapons and armor. Some claim that the Electric Samurai came from a discovery by punk youths that they were actually descendants of nobles, so they decided to emulate them. Discipline is your middle name.

Becoming an Electric Samurai is by invitation only. You proved your mettle and honor in and out of battle, were noticed, and were initiated into the order.


As an Electric Samurai you are granted the privilege and the right to don Ion Gosuku armor. This armor is flexible yet provides excellent protection, and can be upgraded to provide pseudo-invisibility, an integrated heads up display, and even the ability to discharge an electric blast through the armor which is great for knocking away pesky jiangshi who are trying to eat your face.

You’re an expert swordsman, but you also are good at the act of not being seen, not being hit, and not being disconnected in other realities for long. Electric Samurai aren’t just known for their skill at bladework but also their expert motorcycle driving, and often can be seen speeding through the streets of downtown Shanghai or Tokyo, shooting their high-tech machine pistols at pursuers and doing incredible stunts. Electric Samurai are one with their bikes just like ancient samurai were one with their horses.

The eight virtues of Bushido compel you to battle the Possibility Raiders and the Contagion—and to protect the innocent people threatened by both. Follow your calling as an Electric Samurai!

Fading Suns Bundle of Holding +2

Bundle of Holding has announced a new Fading Suns bundle!


Why You Should Play a Realm Runner from Core Earth

One of the great things about Torg Eternity is how fun it can be to play someone who isn’t from one of those wild, invading cosms!


Why You Should Play a Pulp Hero from the Nile Empire

[Starting this week, we’re going to be doing a series of articles highlighting a variety of different character types in Torg Eternity and what it’s like to play them.]


If you like playing a character who ends every sentence with an exclamation point, the pulp hero is for you! As a pulp hero you fight on the streets against dastardly villains and against the minions of Doctor Mobius! You seek justice for those who can’t get it for themselves! Most pulp heroes like you are former citizens of Core Earth, transformed by the invasion of the Nile Empire. However, you could be one of those rare individuals who come from Doctor Mobius’s home cosm: Terra, and you’ve come to defeat your nemesis and stop his rampage across the cosmverse!


Torg Eternity Updates and Testimonials

“Well cross that bridge when we come to it.”
– Quinn Sebastian


Torg Invades -Redacted-

Our launch date is set!

Attention Storm Knights!

The storm has interfered with our communications!

While we were busy finalizing what we thought were going to be the last details on our Kickstarter, other discussions were happening behind the scenes to add even more!

Our goal is to bring you the best Kickstarter rewards, stretch goals, and add-ons that we can, and we don’t want to ignore any possibilities. For that reason, the High Lords have asked that we give these plans just a little more time. We’ll have a fresh announcement once we know more.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and for your patience.


What to Expect in the Torg Kickstarter

As we mentioned last week, the Torg Eternity Kickstarter will be launching before the end of this month. Since we are mere weeks away, we know that a lot of fans want to know what’s going to be in it.

Obviously we can’t tell you everything yet, but we can give you a broad overview.


Preview – The Blue Tome

The first volume of the Theater Knights adventure series, The White Lake, is now available at DriveThruRPG and Paizo.com!

We are steadily working on the second installment in this six-part series, titled The Blue Tome. This adventure contains one of my personal favorite pieces by art director Nadine Schäkel, but I can’t tell you which one because of spoilers.

However, there are a few parts of the adventure that we can share, so here’s a preview of one of those pages: (more…)

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