The Dark Eye

The Dark Eye is the new English edition of Germany’s premiere roleplaying game, Das Schwarze Auge. Explore every corner of Aventuria through a multitude of published adventures, sourcebooks, stories, and even regular newspapers that keep the living world moving forward.

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The Aventuria Almanac won a 2017 Silver ENnie in the category of Best Setting!

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The Dark Eye – News


  • Introducing the Scriptorium Aventuris - We are proud to announce the official English-Language Scriptorium Aventuris, the Community-Created Content program for The Dark Eye! This is a parallel to the German program, where fans have already created nearly 200 titles over the last year! Some of you have seen that we have been working on this for a while and have even Continue Reading
  • New Products in the Web Store! - Earlier this year, we held a quiet opening of the Ulisses North America web store, where we are selling many of our products directly to North American customers. (Note - we will ship worldwide, but our warehouse is based in the US, so international shipping may be expensive.) Today we are raising the profile of Continue Reading
  • Gen Con Wrap Up - The 50th Gen Con has wrapped up, and this year was bigger than ever for Ulisses North America! Some of the highlights from this year: The Aventuria Card Game sells out! We managed to sell out of all our boxes of both the base set and the expansions! Retail sales are coming soon, so keep Continue Reading
  • Gen Con Specials and Doorbusters - In just two days, the 50th Gen Con will officially begin, and it promises to be the most amazing one ever! Badges are entirely sold out, and the convention has expanded so much that it has even taken over Lucas Oil Stadium! With so many people there, we definitely hope to see many of our Continue Reading
  • The Stores are Open! - We have occasionally heard that it can be difficult to find The Dark Eye products to purchase, and we want to make that easier! So today we are presenting two ways you can get The Dark Eye delivered directly to you! Warring Kingdoms Game On Store The first one we actually announced on social media last week Continue Reading
  • Ulisses at Gen Con 50 - We're counting down the days to Gen Con, and we are so excited about all the things we have going on this year.    Booths You can find Ulisses Spiele/Ulisses North America in two places within the Exhibit Hall itself. First, we will be sharing space with Paizo (Booth #103). If you visited us last Continue Reading
  • Warring Kingdoms Preview – Contents - We could keep preaching about all the wonders of the Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook, but we'd never be able to give you a complete picture of everything that's in it. So today we're going to do something as close to that as possible - we're going to show you the Table of Contents. This will give you Continue Reading
  • Warring Kingdoms Preview – Music of the Warring Kingdoms - Setting the mood is important for every story and in a lot of media, be it computer games or movies, a good soundtrack can be crucial. We know a lot you are already using music in their tabletop roleplaying as well. To help you doing that we created a soundtrack custom made to set the Continue Reading
  • Warring Kingdoms Preview – The Andergastan - Among the many stretch goals we've unlocked this week for the Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter was The Andergastan, an 80-page hardcover graphic novel. It is added free to all "Collection" pledge levels, or it is available separately as a $25 add-on. But what is the Andergastan? Is he just a story told to frighten the children of Continue Reading
  • Warring Kingdoms Preview – Themes and Conflicts - The Warring Kingdoms, Nostria and Andergast, and their eternal strife are not at the center of Aventurian politics or the continent. They are their own corner of the continent on the border of the Middenrealm and the more wild cultures of the North like the Orcs and the raiders of Thorwal. Their hate grew in Continue Reading

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