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The Dark Eye is the new English edition of Germany’s premiere roleplaying game, Das Schwarze Auge. Explore every corner of Aventuria through a multitude of published adventures, sourcebooks, stories, and even regular newspapers that keep the living world moving forward.

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The Aventuria Almanac won a 2017 Silver ENnie in the category of Best Setting!

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  • Armory Preview #1 – Adventuring Gear - As we discussed in detail in yesterday's preview, tomorrow we are launching the Aventuria Compendium Kickstarter. But despite the name, there is another star in this Kickstarter campaign, and that is the Aventuria Armory. The Aventuria Armory is a substantial book in its own right, and well-deserving of its own series of articles. And so today we begin with our Continue Reading
  • Compendium Preview #6 – Kickstarter Overview - First, the important information: The Aventuria Compendium Kickstarter will launch Friday, November 17th, at 9:00am Eastern (14:00 UTC, 3:00pm Germany). This is a shorter campaign, ending on Friday, December 8th. Now, for those who like to plan ahead, we have some information for you. Featured Products This Kickstarter is centered around two main books, the Aventuria Compendium and the Aventuria Continue Reading
  • Compendium Preview #5 – Craft Skills - Do you want to make your way across Aventuria plying your trade as a skilled craftsperson instead of a sword-swinging adventurer? The Aventuria Compendium has you covered! The Compendium contains a huge section on craft skills and crafting procedures for those who want to bring this kind of experience into their game. In this first full-page preview Continue Reading
  • Compendium Preview #4 – Social Conflicts - As players of The Dark Eye know all too well, the world of Aventuria can be very dangerous, even for a skilled combatant. Often, the more prudent path involves negotiation, manipulation, or outright lies. The Aventuria Compendium has a plethora of new rules for characters who prefer this kind of approach to difficult situations. Social Skills Continue Reading
  • Compendium Preview #3 – Archetypes - Archetypes appear in a variety of places throughout the various Dark Eye sourcebooks. They can be useful for pick-up games, character construction guides, and NPCs. And of course, the Aventuria Compendium contains a number of them that highlight the new rules. In particular, the Compendium explores new ideas about what it means to be a hero and where Continue Reading
  • Compendium Preview #2 – Fate Points - Whenever I run one-shots for players who are new to The Dark Eye, someone always asks, "How can I get more Fate Points?" Luckily, the Aventuria Compendium has a few answers to this common problem. Group Rules The following Fate Point rules variants are all Focus Level I (see last week's preview), and they appear in the Continue Reading
  • The Dark Eye Designer Diary – October 2017 - Greetings to the Twelve! As shepherd of the ever-growing setting of The Dark Eye RPG, it is my privilege to see all the great material heading your way. This month I would like to give you a preview of NPC Card Set 1: Travel & Trade, an upcoming release in our popular series of reference Continue Reading
  • Compendium Preview #1 – Focus Rules and Combat Styles - Introducing the Aventurian Compendium! We are getting ready to launch a new Kickstarter for the Aventurian Compendium, the first major rules supplement for The Dark Eye in English! We'll have plenty of details about the Kickstarter itself over the next couple of weeks, but first we wanted to introduce you to what this supplement is all about! Continue Reading
  • Introducing the Scriptorium Aventuris - We are proud to announce the official English-Language Scriptorium Aventuris, the Community-Created Content program for The Dark Eye! This is a parallel to the German program, where fans have already created nearly 200 titles over the last year! Some of you have seen that we have been working on this for a while and have even Continue Reading
  • New Products in the Web Store! - Earlier this year, we held a quiet opening of the Ulisses North America web store, where we are selling many of our products directly to North American customers. (Note - we will ship worldwide, but our warehouse is based in the US, so international shipping may be expensive.) Today we are raising the profile of Continue Reading

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