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The Dark Eye® is the new English edition of Germany’s premiere roleplaying game, Das Schwarze Auge. Explore every corner of Aventuria through a multitude of published adventures, sourcebooks, stories, and even regular newspapers that keep the living world moving forward.

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The Aventuria Almanac won a 2017 Silver ENnie in the category of Best Setting!

The Dark Eye Core Rules has been nominated for a 2018 Origins Award!

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  • Larian Studios + The Dark Eye Campaign! - We here at Ulisses Spiele International are ecstatic about the recently announced Divinity: Original Sin 2 + The Dark Eye Campaign, launching today (Wednesday, November 21st 2018) We are also incredibly excited to provide the PDF for the Prison of Shadows campaign right here: Prison of Shadows PDF Get to adventuring! Please make sure to Continue Reading
  • The Dark Eye – Aventuria Magic Announcement - Let us begin by discussing spellcasters beyond the walls of our academy. We know quite well that no other tradition devotes as much time to magical research. Even so, we should not assume we alone can develop new magical formulae... -excerpt from a lecture by Magister Xaron Mendurian of Punin, delivered at the Academia Arcomagica Continue Reading
  • The Dark Eye – Legacy of the Theater Knights Announcement - Bornland is not merely a former province of the Middenrealm. It was in days past the home of the famous Order of the Theater Knights. Today, little remains of the Order’s many towers and guard posts, but rumors say the knights’ legendary treasure and knowledge await rediscovery in the forests, rivers, and hills of the Continue Reading
  • The Dark Eye – Conspiracy of Mages Announcement - Are you frightened of the empty room, or the prospect of what lies ahead? Either way, your churning stomach doesn’t seem to care. The small bowl of millet gruel you ate for breakfast is not sitting well, and you feel nauseated. Magistra Moonhair’s cooking might be to blame, but what if this is no accident. Continue Reading
  • The Saga of the Theater Knights Returns! - “We seek the bravest!”—with these words, the temple of Rondra in Firunen summons entrants from all corners of the land to test their mettle in a holy tournament and determine whom among them is, indeed, the bravest. At stake is an exclusive, hereditary license to sell steel in the city of Firunen. The party arrives Continue Reading
  • What’s New with The Dark Eye - While we’ve been wrapping up fulfillment on the Aventuria Compendium Kickstarter, we have also been working on exciting new Dark Eye® material. Many of you have expressed curiosity about our plans, so we wanted to catch you up on new developments. But before we do, we want to say we are thrilled to be nominated Continue Reading
  • New and Bundled Products for The Dark Eye and Aventuria - It's time to shop! We have several ways to buy products for The Dark Eye and the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, and we want to share them all with you! The Dark Eye on Bundle of Holding First, if you are new to The Dark Eye or just curious about it, then there has never been a better time Continue Reading
  • Digital Sales and a Closing Kickstarter - Ulisses Spiele always likes to close out the year with some great digital sales, and this year we are including many of our English-language products! Right now and through tomorrow (December 7th), you can get The Dark Eye Core Rules and the Aventuria Almanac for 50% off! Also, the excellent fiction anthology Starless Sky is available for only $2.99!    Also, Continue Reading
  • Armory Preview #2 – Weapons - Although the Aventuria Armory is still in layout, we do have art and text to share, and we wanted to get in at least one more good preview before the end of the Compendium Kickstarter. Of course, a large portion of the Armory is devoted to weaponry, so let's take a look at a couple samples. Double-Khunchomer “So, you Continue Reading
  • Compendium Preview #9 – Combat in Three Dimensions - We have talked quite a bit about the variety that the Aventuria Compendium offers for the non-combatant. But there is certainly plenty in the book that will enrich your combat experience and storytelling! The section entitled Combat in Three Dimensions includes information on combat in water, in the air, in chariots, and on a variety of mounted Continue Reading

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