The Infiniverse is filled with endless worlds—realities where history and even the laws of physics diverge from our own. Some are ruled by monsters, raiders who plunder and enslave at will. No world is safe, but sometimes the raiders lose, repelled by Storm Knights—people who can bend reality. Heroes.

Now the raiders have learned of Earth. The moment of crisis is coming. Are you ready to fight for your world?

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Torg – News


  • Torg Eternity Preview #5 – Aysle and the Cyberpapacy - This week, we head to Europe where the British Isles and Scandinavia suffer under the sway of the magical realm of Aysle, and the Inquisition has returned to France and Spain, this time with nanosecond response time! Just a note that we’re covering the World Laws very broadly. We go into more detail in the Continue Reading
  • Ulisses North America YouTube Channel - We are excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube Channel! This will be the official English-language YouTube presence for all our product lines. You'll be able to find official videos as well as external reviews. Right now we have mostly Aventuria and The Dark Eye, but we'll be adding content for Conan: Rise of Monsters and Torg Continue Reading
  • Torg Eternity Preview #4 – Core Earth and the Living Land - This week, we’re previewing the world of Torg Eternity in general, followed by a closer look at Core Earth and the Living Land! The Possibility Wars The Possibility Wars as depicted in Torg Eternity are more desperate than in Original Torg. The Gaunt Man hasn’t been forced into the maelstrom at the beginning of the Continue Reading
  • Torg Eternity Preview #3 – Characters - This week, we’re previewing the changes we made to the characters, including their attributes, skills, and new to Torg Eternity, Perks! Attributes One of the goals we had with the new design was to try to make each attribute important. Torg Eternity characters have five attributes: Charisma: The basis of the Taunt interaction attack, as Continue Reading
  • Torg Eternity Preview #2 – Reality - This week’s preview features the rules and lore of Torg’s unique reality. Arguably Torg’s reality rules make it unique, and it was important that we get things right here. Again, we didn’t want to change anything for the sake of change. Any changes need to have benefits. It was also a challenge to try to Continue Reading
  • Torg Eternity Preview #1 – Updating a Classic - Welcome to the first of a series of previews highlighting changes in Torg Eternity from the original Torg RPG (as well as some things we specifically didn’t change). These previews will discuss changes to the rules and the lore in order to give the game a streamlined and modern treatment. First up, we don’t expect Continue Reading
  • Ramping up Torg and Ulisses Social Media - Starting today, we are going to be increasing our social media presence for Ulisses North America as a company and for the Torg Eternity product line specifically. Since Gen Con, we have kept news of Torg fairly quiet, and many fans are eager to know what's coming next and, more importantly, when. To help spread that information, we Continue Reading
  • Gen Con Roundup - The whirlwind of chaos is beginning to subside, and we are working on catching up on all the things we have to do for our many projects (and yes, our first priority is making sure all the backer rewards are shipped). It was fantastic having members of the German and North American teams get together! Continue Reading
  • Teasing Torg - We're getting ready to start Day 3 at Gen Con, and the fan response has been amazing! We've loved meeting many of you who are The Dark Eye Kickstarter backers, fans of our German products, and new fans just learning about us! We've gotten some great compliments on the physical products for The Dark Eye, Continue Reading
  • Ulisses Spiele at Gen Con! - We're just a little over two weeks away, so I know everyone here is getting excited about Gen Con. We hope you are too! And if you are coming to the convention, we hope that you will come visit us, talk with us, and take a look at everything we're bringing. First of all, here's Continue Reading