Torg Eternity

The Infiniverse is filled with endless worlds—realities where history and even the laws of physics diverge from our own. Some are ruled by monsters, raiders who plunder and enslave at will. No world is safe, but sometimes the raiders lose, repelled by Storm Knights—people who can bend reality. Heroes.

Now the raiders have learned of Earth. The moment of crisis is coming. Are you ready to fight for your world?

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Torg Eternity – News


  • Living Land Preview #11 – The Delphi Council - The Living Land cosm book has an entire section devoted to the Delphi Council: its objectives, leaders, agents, and resources. Objectives Missions that Storm Knights undertake for the Delphi Council are varied. Reconnaissance is particularly important due to the dense jungles and areas of Deep Mist that confound satellite surveillance. Realm runners supply, protect, and Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #10 – New Destiny and Cosm Cards - We just have a short preview this week, but I think it’s one that people will like. Running a Kickstarter during the holidays is unwise, so we won’t be launching for a bit yet, but to tide you over, here’s one of the things you can expect when the Kickstarter launches. New Destiny and Cosm Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #9 – Gear - This week we have some good stuff. Literally. General Gear Even though the Living Land is a low Technology realm, that doesn’t mean you don’t find "stuff" there. Much of these items are available for barter with friendly edeinos tribes, and some is provided by the Delphi Council, including their ubiquitous Survival Kit. Some general Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #8 – Threats - This week we’re taking a look at the foes and threats Storm Knights face when exploring the Living Land. Dinosaurs First up are the iconic creatures of the Living Land: dinosaurs. Now, we fully admit, the Living Land’s dinosaurs aren’t necessarily scientifically accurate, but instead are more like the state of the knowledge of prehistoric Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #7 – Archetypes and the GM Screen - One of the products available during the Kickstarter is the Living Land GM Screen and Archetypes Pack, which contains new Living Land archetypes as well as Core Earth archetypes that you might find in this part of the world. Archetypes The archetypes from Core Earth are: Cartel Assassin Dinosaur Hunter Embedded Journalist Gang Soldier Hockey Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #6 – Perks - This week we take a look at the new Perks that Storm Knights from the savage reality can select, from the Faith, Edeinos, Savagery, Prowess, and Social categories.  Many of these new Perks can only be selected by Storm Knights of Beta Clearance (50+ XPs) or higher. Faith In addition to the new Gotak and Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #5 – Thrakmoss! - With Halloween coming up, this week we have a bone chilling, blood curdling preview of a growing menace in the Upper Midwest: Thrakmoss. High Priest of Rek Stalek Thrakmoss is the son of an edeinos who had an interolerable fascination with dead things and the ustanah, to the point of collecting artifacts from that defeated Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #4 – Wonders - One of the most important and interesting additions to the Living Land are the Wonders, supported by the World Law of the same name. These mysterious ruins and fantastical locations appear and disappear randomly anywhere in the Living Land, and even below the surface!  The reason for these wonders is unknown. Baruk Kaah believes that Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #3 – Miracles - Out of all the realms that invaded Earth, the Living Land is the one with the most spiritual power. Most Jackatts (worshipers of Lanala) are able to use the abundant spiritual energy in the cosm to manipulate plants, and those who are stronger invokers can channel incredible powers that can have literally earth shattering results. Continue Reading
  • Torg Eternity Designer Diary – October 2017 - Building a High Lord There was some debate about whether we should do statistics for Baruk Kaah and the other High Lords, but in the end we decided it was an absolute must for a couple of reasons. One, we mention several times that Baruk Kaah is a “hands on” kind of High Lord. He’ll Continue Reading

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