Torg Eternity

The Infiniverse is filled with endless worlds—realities where history and even the laws of physics diverge from our own. Some are ruled by monsters, raiders who plunder and enslave at will. No world is safe, but sometimes the raiders lose, repelled by Storm Knights—people who can bend reality. Heroes.

Now the raiders have learned of Earth. The moment of crisis is coming. Are you ready to fight for your world?

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  • Living Land Preview #18 – Delphi Council Members - We’re getting closer to the Living Land Kickstarter, so here’s one more content preview for now, this time on some of the members of the Delphi Council. Very soon, we'll start talking about reward levels and stretch goals. During the Torg Eternity Kickstarter, several backers had the opportunity to create characters who would be part Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #17 – Delphi Council Operations - This week we’re going to take a closer look at some of the operations that the Delphi Council is currently implementing in the Living Land. These operations can give the GM ideas on involving the Storm Knights directly into the fight against Baruk Kaah and his minions. If you have any questions or would like Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #16 – More Cards - Just a short preview this week, featuring a couple more Drama Deck cards that will be stretch goals. Battle Scars is a Cosm card that reinforces the Law of Life. Play it on a wounded character to get them back in the action a cost. Reconnect is a new Destiny card that allows a Continue Reading
  • Torg Eternity Designer Diary – January 2018 - A Question of Difficulty I get to play Torg Eternity with all sorts of people, from storied veterans to absolute beginners, and the question of game difficulty is always an interesting one. For those who've mastered the system some of our published adventures seem all too easy, and there's a strong reflex to make things Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #15 – Edeinos Clans - This week we’re taking a closer look at the five main edeinos clans detailed in the Living Land sourcebook. Because of the low Social Axiom, edeinos organize into small groups called tribes. Tribes can number just a few dozen or up to a thousand. Related tribes are loosely associated in the form of clans, and Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #14 – Living Land Soundtrack - This week we have something a bit different for you. Just like with the Kickstarter for the Torg Eternity core rules, one of the stretch goals for the Living Land Kickstarter is a soundtrack, with all the songs featuring the Living Land. The music is composed by Ralf Kurtsiefer, who also composed the music for Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #13 – Adventure Generator - This week we take a look at the Adventure Generator, with which Gamemasters can roll a few dice and come up with the skeleton of an adventure. Even if the results don’t make sense, embracing the weird is completely typical for Torg Eternity. The Tables The core of the Adventure Generator is a series of Continue Reading
  • Torg Eternity Designer Diary – December 2017 - Desperate, but not Necessarily Dark Shane Hensley had a strong vision for what the Possibility Wars would look like in Torg Eternity, and his keyword for describing it was “desperate.” Early on we had some trouble confusing that with “darker,” which wasn't really accurate. Darker meant less hope overall, more unhappy endings, and more focus Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #12 – The God Box - In addition to the Living Land cosm sourcebook, the coming Kickstarter will include a five act adventure, The God Box, written by Shane Hensley. Welcome to the Living Land. Hope You Survive the Experience. The God Box begins at “Fort Washington” where the US military is making a last stand, protecting refugees in the heart Continue Reading
  • Living Land Preview #11 – The Delphi Council - The Living Land cosm book has an entire section devoted to the Delphi Council: its objectives, leaders, agents, and resources. Objectives Missions that Storm Knights undertake for the Delphi Council are varied. Reconnaissance is particularly important due to the dense jungles and areas of Deep Mist that confound satellite surveillance. Realm runners supply, protect, and Continue Reading

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