Kickstarter Countdown, PaizoCon Road Trip, and More

In case you haven’t seen this yet…

We have officially announced that we are launching our Kickstarter on May 31st!

We even have a countdown clock on our Torg Eternity product page here:

Torg Eternity

The more temporally inclined of our fans might be able to calculate the exact launch time from that clock, but we’ll go ahead and give it to you here to save you the trouble:

We will be launching the Kickstarter at 1pm Eastern Time

Why then, you ask? We still have some more flavorful surprises to throw around, and some of them have to do with that specific time…

High Lord Icons

Are you excited yet? If so, we have a way for you to share your excitement with the world! We have created nine icons that are perfect for use as your portrait on Facebook, G+, or other social media. Head to this page and copy/download your favorites!

Torg Eternity Portrait Icons

PaizoCon Road Trip

Do you want even more ways to tell people about Torg? Well, if you live between Chicago and Seattle and have some spare time this weekend, you might be able to!

Eric, our social media coordinator, is going to be driving to PaizoCon starting tomorrow morning (Saturday the 20th). He will be stopping at various game stores along the way and talking to people about Torg. You can either find him at one of those stores, or you can tell him he should stop at your town too! Just head to the forum post to see his full schedule and talk to him about where and when he should meet you:

We’ve got even more great stuff happening soon, so keep watching and sharing!

5 thoughts on “Kickstarter Countdown, PaizoCon Road Trip, and More”

  1. Staffan says:

    Here’s a wish for the Kickstarter: a playable preview/quickstart adventure available from day 1.

    I mean, I’m a TORG fan from back in the day (I traded my copies of the Swedish Kult and Den Svarta Madonnan for TORG, The Destiny Map, and the Cassandra Files) so I’ll be hopping on the kickstarter. But having a demo available would help me sell my gaming group on the game, and would make it easier for you to persuade people who weren’t around for the original to get on the bandwagon.

    1. Eric Simon says:

      We won’t be able to do it day 1, because we can’t release the Free RPG Day materials before that day. However, we can release them afterwards, and that will still be during the campaign.

      I might also suggest that you direct people to the Torg episodes of the One Shot Podcast. And we are working on other actual play videos and recordings as well.

  2. Yup, i’d like to try it with french guys from my small town whre I won’t get a chance to have torg material for the free rpg day 🙂
    Good idea to release it after…

  3. Dave McWhorter says:

    I’ve been a Torg fan since the beginning of the well-done ad campaign in Dragon Magazine. I got the first novel, and did a book review for my college press, and had been part of the Torg Listserv and have kept the flame for years. Thank you on getting a new edition off the ground. My question is more about Free RPG Day coming up in June (so apologies if this is in the wrong thread). What would someone have to do to promote Torg at the gaming stores during Free RPG Day. As far as I know, there’s no Torg representation at any of the Austin (TX) area gaming stores. This question is probably a bit late to make any arrangements, but even if I can do something unofficial as a fan to help promote the game. Any suggestions or recommendations?

    1. Eric Simon says:

      We have a forum thread discussing Free RPG Day plans here:

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